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Cluny Hills Hydropathic Establishment

Now the Cluny Hill College campus of the Findhorn Foundation, this building just south-east of Forres in Moray, Scotland, was originally a hydropathic establishment. It was built in 1863-5 to designs by  703 more words

Scottish Hospitals

* Inspiration - Let the New Unfold

Each week I receive inspirational words captured by Eileen Caddy – one of the founders of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. I love the vision of a vast jigsaw puzzle! 144 more words


Wikipedia and Kevin R. D. Shepherd

Education and the Internet — Part 2


In Part 1 I presented what I described as an ‘educational autobiography’, focussing on key stages of my own education and relevant employment, and taking particular note of the intersection of this career with stages in the development of computer technology. 4,623 more words


Stroud Positive Living Group - April 2015

Next Event:
Monday 13th April 2015
GUEST SPEAKER – Janice Dolley
TITLE – “The New Story-Co-Creating Pathways for Humanities Future

Across the world a new consciousness is emerging and inspiring us to take steps towards a new chapter in the evolution of humanity ..Janice Dolley, a member of the core team that recently organised the New Story Summit held at the Findhorn Foundation last autumn ,will share her experience of this event, how the summit  gave a global impetus to this movement, what this means for all of us and some of the steps that are underway in the British Isles to take it all  forward.This will be a participative evening because the New Story can only come into being if each of us contributes our dreams and visions and works together with others to bring these into being on Planet Earth” 140 more words

Found Findhorn

We had a recent visit to the amazing place that is The Findhorn Foundation close to Inverness. Walking around I was completely inspired by the different styles and building techniques of the houses there. 108 more words


0 - The Fool's Journey

I had a realization after getting a parking ticket last night that there’s another component to the Fool Tarot Card.  Admittedly, I pull this card from time to time ;)  I don’t seem to care much for feeling grounded or maybe I don’t understand the joy of it yet.  252 more words