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Imagine learning about books without first seeing them... Intrigued?


It’s nearly impossible to discover a new book and learn about it without first seeing the cover.

Read Tuesday

Looking for book

I love book reviews. I love how they’re neatly divided into two camps:

  1. “I loved the way the characters were so well-realised and given the chance to develop;  the tension and suspense kept me hooked all the way through to the end, which absolutely delivers on its promise of a thrilling climax that leaves you wanting more.”
  2. 1,532 more words
Writing About Writing

Lost in a sea of books

The other day I talked about how I’m behind times in the perfume world and news reach me (if they reach me) months after everyone else has heard them. 282 more words

World Of Books

The Vital Art of Book Selection

It’s funny how often I talk to people–young and old–who say they’re not reading because they don’t know what to read next. Sure there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. 507 more words

For Readers

Searching for Books on a Kindle Fire

currently playing on my iPod: Spectrum by Florence and the Machine

So today I decided I really needed to download a new book to my Fire. 581 more words


The Bardo Between Good Books

Bardo:  the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth

Some people leave lovers and relationships and find themselves in a waiting game, biding their time until the next man or woman of their dreams comes along to make them happy again. 753 more words