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(or 2,700 seconds)

The therapeutic frame.  That pillar of the therapeutic relationship draconically enforced by authoritarian therapists and equally loathed by clients everywhere.  Or so I thought. 2,313 more words


Go to Quiet Places

(or This is NOT a “My Therapist Has Cancer” Blog )

Whenever I get really angry or upset or sad or confused, my default mode is to go quiet, to be very silent and still.  1,894 more words


Photo Challenge: Delta

Walking the washout, high desert ground
between pond silt and prairie pasture,
I know to look for crushed cans, bits 
of barbed wire, and runaway fence staples.

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Why I March - A Woman’s Right To Choose

I was raised in a fundamental Christian home. I learned early (and often) that a woman’s place is in the home; that God is vengeful; and that without knowing John 3:16, a person’s eternal destiny would be Satan’s hellfire and damnation. 1,086 more words



(or Shout It From the Rooftops!)

I’ve been re-reading old writings and notes and emails, trying to retrace my path of the past few years.  I’m looking for patterns, for what has changed and what hasn’t.   1,553 more words


STORIES: "Just a mother???"...

A woman named Emily renewing her driver’s license at the Transport office was asked by the clerk to state her occupation. She hesitated, uncertain how to classify herself. 441 more words