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Finding Balance

Oracle Reflections- Finding Balance

Finding Balance in the day-to-day shuffle of our existence on this plane is a unique work in itself. Sometimes overwhelming.

On occasion I find myself  imbalanced  with the requirements of my life, requiring me to reassess the tasks I have taken on. 281 more words

Oracles Of Reflection

My kingdom for a horse!

Here I sit, the keeper of five horses, and my biggest wish is for another one!  Feel free to send a “WTF?” in my direction.  On some levels, it’s certainly a crazy idea – but on another level, I cannot think of another answer to my conundrum. 684 more words

My Journey

Monday (AKA the day everything broke)

So, how’s your week going?

Mine? Oh it’s going great…bar the fact everything around me broke on Monday night.

Do you ever feel like the Universe is conspiring against you? 510 more words

Living Life


This May, I decided to start taking better care of myself. Caring for a child with a disability comes along with a unique set of stressors. 1,138 more words



Wow. It’s been a while. Again.
I’ve been distracted. I’m pregnant. Our little boy is due around the first week in July. I am bouncing off the walls excited and so is Peter. 618 more words

Be Determined

The Curtain Has Closed

The show is complete, contest prep has come to a close and now time to move onto the next chapter of my life. A nice healthy, strong and balanced life. 861 more words


Shifting Focus

Sometimes I feel as though I am watching our lives unfold on a movie screen. I see you and I together.  We’re smiling, holding hands, and laughing about something insignificant.  1,159 more words

Surviving Life