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I rode Bella again today and we did a (for me) very challenging course. We were back in the Big Girl ring again and the jumps were on the higher end of my experience (2’6″-ish, I think, and one was an oxer!). 979 more words

Horseback Riding

Technology to Drink By!


Most of the patients I see in practice already know ONE of my soapbox topics is DRINKING ENOUGH WATER!  I have heard many reasons and excuses as to why people fail to accomplish this, and in reality, our always crazy busy world does make it really  391 more words

Healing The Body


I feel like I’m fucking drowning this week. I have so much going on and there’s so much to do. Yesterday I went to an interview, spent time with a special friend, met up with another friend for lunch, and then I was supposed to go home and work on homework, but instead, I went home and fell asleep. 538 more words


Equestrian Fitness: Overtraining, Part 3

Back in the gym this week and trying to keep to my new, less crazy fitness plan, I realized I had been overtraining in more ways than one. 492 more words

Horseback Riding

Whine or Wine?

Today, I feel like I’m on a scary but yet exciting journey to a destination unknown to me so I’m am doing what writers do. 9 more words

Healing The Body & Spirit

Why I Ran 5 Miles Today: Part 1

Today, I ran 5 miles. Why did I do this? Am I stupid or a criminal? Why would anyone run for pleasure? “I’m running for pleasure” sounds like something someone would say shortly before I punched them in the face* or gave them a wedgie.** 509 more words

We Must Risk Delight

Imperfect Families, Truth, and Sadness

I have appreciated reading three Edith Schaeffer books in the past year or so.  Schaeffer especially loves creativity and articulately writes about the intersection of faith and creativity, as Creator God is the author and instigator of all things beautiful and magnificent in this world, and because He created us in His image, we can emulate Him in this area. 976 more words