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Sabbaths: Allowing Time to Rest

Sabbath:  A period of rest

I am an absolute PRO at booking up our calendar solid. When we first moved here, it was a little less stressful, as we were able to visit some family about a 40 minute drive away. 501 more words


Just Today

Some days I find myself sighing before I get out of the bed, aware of all the stuff that’s somehow supposed to happen in this day. 412 more words


Feeling like I am coming off a bad trip. Coming out of some distorted place, and things seem clearer and simpler.

Been there? In those places where imagination is counterproductive, where the sunny, inventive journey takes a turn into the woods and even as you think you will eventually make your way out, you know the breadcrumbed path is no more. 201 more words

Gaining Perspective



You work with what you are given,
the red clay of grief,
the black clay of stubbornness going on after.
Clay that tastes of care or carelessness, 167 more words


Consciously Raising Kids - And Our "Self"

This is a fantastic video about raising children consciously that is extremely applicable to the relationship we maintain with our “self or soul”.  To heal on a physical level, the “self”, soul, or spirit, must also be healed to enjoy lasting health.   38 more words

Healing The Body

Me, Myself and I... More Specifically Ego, Superego and Id

I really don’t like Freud or a lot of his concepts, but the idea about our three psyches is one that endures. We have heard it in other forms too, most often as the more practical pull of good vs. 517 more words

Higher Perspective

Book Review: Make Your Own Rules Diet

Make Your Own Rules Diet by Tara Stiles is a non-fiction book about integrating yoga, meditation, and cooking into your life using YOUR rules. As Mark Hyman, M.D. 325 more words

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