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Finding Balance: The Journey of Life

My hope is that this post will be uplifting and encouraging as there is so much going on right now regarding the upcoming Presidential Election. 227 more words

Rew’s Last Stand: A Beloved NYC Rocker Mom Bids Farewell to Her Internet Show

by Marisa Torrieri Bloom

When I first met Rew, at a Girls Rock & Girls Rule 2007 pre-tour meeting, I didn’t know what to make of her. 1,324 more words

Rock Mamas

Lesson Learned: Finding Balance

Mistakes are apart of daily life. Reflecting, being real about the past, and learning from where you’ve been is a catalyst for success in the future. 278 more words


Read This When Others Try To Define Success For You

What we want and what we need rarely seem to match. When my own attitudes toward success and wealth, and how I chose to define them changed, I noticed that finally these two slowly began to align. 619 more words

First Off

First of all
Fuck you.
Call me old fashion
But I should get a say in who is and is not in the way of my personal growth. 118 more words


Finding Balance

Almost all of my time of late has been taken up by dissertation writing, which is definitely productive, but can start to be a bit psychologically an emotionally draining. 589 more words


The quest for balance

I have an almost built in desire to see both sides of an argument. I think that’s a pretty healthy thing, but I wonder sometimes if it’s also my way of copping out. 1,016 more words