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Apparently I Get Grumpy When I Don’t Write

Whoosh! That’s the gentle sound of January 2016 whizzing out of your life. Gone, completely. And, perhaps like me, a little memorable for all the wrong reasons. 179 more words

Finding Balance

Life Coach Kristin

I began working with Kristin late summer 2015. I was gearing up for another semester of school and was feeling very overwhelmed by managing my household, being mom to three kids under 6, a husband who works 2 jobs, school, quiet time and my health. 205 more words

Finding Balance

Connect and Disconnect: 5 Tips for Balance

Recent Census data indicates that only 1.8% of the U.S. population over age 25 has obtained a doctorate and 1.5% an advanced professional degree. These figures only emphasize the fact that if it were easy, everyone would do it.   1,166 more words


A Wholeness of One Amid Others

Being more alone has become a curious experience; the more it occurs, the more its vagaries and useful qualities surface. And the longer I live within it, the more I find a home within its mutable parameters. 3,046 more words

Meeting Travellers Abroad: Finding Balance

I’m actually in a great mood in this photo, I promise. This was taken on our second stop of a port tour, in Vila Nova de Gaia. 593 more words


Tricky Territory

It’s three o’clock in the morning and I’m sitting in the warm spot on the couch where Scout was sleeping before he heard me sneak down the stairs. 1,133 more words

Weight Loss Blog

Fulcrums and Finding Balance

We begin seeking balance in our earliest years. Slowly, we learn to uncurl our toes, distributing our weight evenly on the quest for bipedalism. Rather than grip, we believe. 905 more words