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Laundry and the Lottery

One Sunday morning a few weeks back, I needed to hit the 7-Eleven, not in a heisty way but rather for quarters for laundry. The weekend prior I had flown out to a wedding in New York where much fun was had, and on return I was dropped back into the day-to-day drudgery and glamour that is my life. 546 more words

Kyra Freeburg

No Worries

Why getting a new phone is a huge step for Sir Husband I will not understand. He isn’t bothered by old technology, so when he needed to upgrade from his iPhone 4s to a 6, he was jittery and worried. 762 more words


Self-Reflections through a Social Pediatrics Looking Glass

My dearest readers,

Some of the most awe-inspiring experiences that I have had over the course of my medical education have been experiences that have challenged my view of the world, of medicine, of health, and even of life. 1,727 more words

Finding Balance

Becoming Instead of Wanting

Wanting to be something and being that thing are two very different things.  I want to be so many things.  I want to be good… 168 more words

Balanced Living

Finding Balance: Is It Possible?

A writer friend recommended this article to me.  It’s funny and on point, so give it a read.  If you’re an aspiring author, or even aspiring at ANYTHING, this is the way to do things.   1,053 more words

Can you hear it? 

Silence. Only the hum of the fridge and the sound of coffee filling my cup.

9:32 Wednesday morning. My little bugs are off to Early Start with Lindsay! 144 more words

Finding Balance

Maintaining Balance Can Be Tricky

One thing I noticed about getting older, is the connection between my mind and body. When I’m off balance, I can work on coming back into balance as a whole, which I think is learned over time from being on the planet.   644 more words