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Finding Balance: Emotional Health

Just sitting here, like the classy broad I am, putting on my makeup in the Sonic parking lot before I go to counseling. You know how it is, right? 662 more words


Searching for Balance

You know that point, where you’ve done all that you can- you’re exhausted and quickly reaching your breaking point and then, you add more to your plate? 669 more words

Simply Life

Getting over the hump

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been a rather Negative Nancy over the last few days. The lack of sleep, the risk of going out and getting fresh air, not to mention the whole family is down with a spring sniffle so its grumps all around. 828 more words


“Make sure you take care of yourself, too.” Parents hear that all of the time. When you’re the parent of a child with special needs it’s not only more important, it’s more difficult. 562 more words


The Eye Gel Tells Me So (Or, A Love-Filled Life)

Just over a month ago, I went to have my eyes checked. Turns out, in addition to needing a change to my lenses and very nearly needing reading glasses, I have really dry eyes. 331 more words

Finding Balance

Circular Synchronicity

Nature’s truism is within a circle all points are equal. Even the cycles of nature are circular; there are seasons, days and nights, life and inevitable death. 121 more words