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“Sometimes life takes you into a dark place where you feel it’s impossible to breathe. You think you’ve been buried, but don’t give up, because if truth be told, you’ve actually been planted.” 157 more words

Finding Balance

Yarn, Wine, and DNA

It turns out the women in my family have always loved yarn.  It was only recently that I developed the same passion as my ancestors and that’s when I started wondering if there might be a secret yarn chromosome in my DNA.  765 more words


Rules for seeing the sunrise

I have been watching the sunrise for 24 years. It started when I was travelling to work so after changing jobs I continued getting up early. 238 more words

Stop and smell the tulips

This past Monday, one of my Rooted Sisters and I had a discussion about priorities. When you feel like everything needs your attention and you are spinning out of control, where do you start? 644 more words

Working Mom

Don’t Neglect Balance

In today’s world, there is so much pressure to succeed, to do well, to work hard, to make money. I hate it, and yet I love it. 691 more words


Thoughts: 7 March 2018

  • I’ve got quite the tough personality, I want to be like that also physically. When I will be done with my Graphic Design class in a year and a couple months, I will take stretching classes and self defense ones — well, other classes on graphics and the likes too.
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Letting "Good Enough" be Good Enough: The stalls won't always be clean...and that's ok

I’ve started this blog post three times.  Each time, Amelia, one of my three dogs, shoves her nose under my elbow and nudges my arm, asking for attention.  840 more words

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