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My engagement ring is beautiful. I love it. I also don’t wear it as it causes some weird smelly rash on my finger. I know marriage can be difficult but it’s not supposed to make you actually stink. 290 more words

Finding Balance

Having a Fitness Obsession

Good morning Fitness Gurus,

I wrote yesterday about setting Tiny Goals  and how they help me accomplish bigger goals in the long-term. I find that smaller goals set you up for success as they are less intimidating and easier to accomplish, yet still give you that feeling of success once reached. 656 more words


30th reunion

It is an odd thing seeing people after 30 years. Hearing their stories, talking about what you remember and what they do. There was a lot of “huh, I don’t remember that” or “that’s not how it happened”. 698 more words


An Abundance of Caring: Surviving Mommyhood in Nursing

While working-motherhood isn’t easy on anyone, there is a unique sort of struggle that comes along with a profession that involves providing care as part of its job description. 676 more words


Four Thoughts A Working Mom Has on a "Pump Break" - and One She Doesn't

“I wish I were at home instead.”

For me, almost one hundred percent of pump breaks at work begin with me trudging through getting all of the necessary paraphernalia set up and woefully lamenting the fact that I have to “breastfeed” a little battery-operated machine instead of being at home with my son. 526 more words


thankful friday / persistence

Every now and then something tremendous happens in my life and I forget to take a minute to be thankful.  Today my heart is full and I am thankful for sure. 419 more words

Finding Balance

free verse hippie poetry...C'est La Vie, A Cat, You and Me

Come, let’s walk down by the sea

we’ll pick up shells

and let what will be

just be,

c’est la vie

and all that.

We may pass a cat… 153 more words

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