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Day 13 Ruby Murray Vs Crunchie McFlurry

Day 13 whole30

I am finding the new clothes reduction and regimentation to be effective. I don’t seem to have SO many piles of clothes to wash and the children are actually folding up their clothes after wearing them and only slinging them into the laundry baskets if they are dirty. 723 more words


Day 12 Disastrous Diets & Gorgeous Guacamole

Day12 whole30

I am surprised by how easy it is to make good choices now, just 12 days in. I would rather have whole foods than not. 1,133 more words


Keep It on Rotation

Ask somewhat what their goals are and they might fire off a gazillion things one after the other.  As they go out to try to achieve their goals, progress is few and far between and they can’t seem to understand why. 481 more words


A dollar earned is leisure relished

There’s something truly satisfying about working … contributing … making an honest dollar.

And something satisfying about a day off. :)

I just began a new job, as you may know. 681 more words


So much for lost opportunity
Filigree sparkling in the moonlight
So much for feigned interest
Phone numbers of no significance
So much for pity parties… 198 more words


How To Survive The Start Of The Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are finally here. Six weeks of no school run, no homework, no bits of paper to remember to hand in or school functions to attend. 1,260 more words

Finding Balance

Day 6 Put the lime in the coconut...

Day 6 Whole30 Today I feel like the whole30 ethos is kicking in. I feel focused on just the good stuff. I thought I would cook and it definitely started off as inevitable since I had six round the table for breakfast. 780 more words