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Get Social

Networking is a skill I am actively working on. Most days I cloister myself in my home and scroll through news feeds and emails solo. It is the bane of most writers—our creativity flourishes in quiet spaces and most often alone. 530 more words

Social Media

The Two R’s of Freelance Editing- Receiving and Retaining Clients

In my previous blog post, I failed to mention a critical type of editor- the freelance editor.

While imagining what my future would be like as an editor, I failed to envision myself doing any sort of freelance work. 1,044 more words

Contacting Clients

Do They Need My Services?

Kevin Willett reminds you not to take a narrow view on networking.

Last week I invited a person to attend my networking events because there were a few people attending that particular event, that work in his industry, who I thought would be good contacts for him. 272 more words

Business Networking Tips

How Do You Get Your First Client?

Finding a client isn’t always easy, and you might not be sure where to start. Fortunately, there are many different ways you can seek out clients. 340 more words

Work From Home

Contena: A Review

I came across Contena when I was looking for ways in which to build a client list (from nothing, I might add) so I could start to look at supporting myself financially with my writing. 764 more words


Find yourself some clients, they said...

And every single thing I have ever read on the subject makes it sound just that easy.  I’m going to be honest with you here. It’s NOT easy to find clients when you are just starting out as a freelance writer. 542 more words

Tips for making money copywriting on Upwork

Upwork tends to be a contentious subject among freelancers. Just look at the comments I received on the LinkedIn question I posted. Some argue it’s good on the side; others think it’s a cancer to freelancing as we know it. 1,113 more words