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Why aren’t I getting any clients? #2

If you’ve been freelancing for a while, then maybe you’d heard some (or all) of the points in the last post. You might have been at it long enough to develop a loyal customer base, a strong portfolio, and a steady stream of work, or maybe you’ve been at it long enough that you know the tricks and tips, but you’re at a point where you’re stuck. 692 more words

Why aren’t I getting any clients? #1

You’ve put yourself out there. You are advertising through friends, family, Facebook, and flyers stuck on every surface of your neighborhood. You’ve practiced your new sales pitch in the mirror every morning, but you haven’t gotten a chance to use it. 723 more words

Attracting the Right Perfect Clients

I love helping people find or attract the right perfect clients.  Living where I live, I am a SAHM and homeschooling two of my daughters, I love being able to work part time while combining a few ways to work from home.   555 more words


How do you choose?

When buying a product or service, how do you choose?

Yes, it’s a deep subject as with all businesses when selecting a service to help you take care of things so you can continue to grow your business like a bookkeeper, advertising agency, product supplier, printer, office cleaner, or other industry it comes down to a few key things. 1,096 more words


Seven Networking Tips

Networking goes hand in hand with running a successful business.

But many of us dread walking into a room and introducing ourselves to a bunch of strangers. 648 more words


How much is enough?

Marketing it can make or break a company – so how do you know you are doing enough and where do you market?  Marketing is defined as: 751 more words


Marketing your business for the season...

It’s here the glorious or for some dreaded Holiday season and for most of us it comes on quicker each year! The time is upon us to make sure we get the most of our marketing efforts to help insure sales success in the coming months.   717 more words