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Finding Your Customers

Writer: Teresa Madaleno

Most company executives understand that the better they understand their customers, the more likely their business will grow. The problem often becomes defining customer base. 480 more words

Teresa Madaleno

5 Tips For Finding Your Sublimation Market

Sometimes it seems that buying a sublimation system is, for a given value of easy,  the easy part of the process of selling sublimated goods.    Granted there are things to learn so you can create the best sublimated goods possible,  and there will be some trial and error,  but it’s what happens after you’ve made the goods that can sometimes be the hard part.   647 more words


How to Find Your First Customers

The first sale you gain for your new business venture will probably bring more satisfaction than any other sale you gain in the future. It will validate all your hard-work, your vision and your idea. 1,061 more words

How To Start Your Business