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On the Importance of Pie and Living Without Regret

When I was about 20 years old, I went to the movies and watched Michael. If you don’t remember the film, it’s about the angel, Michael, who visits Earth and helps humans learn to enjoy themselves a little more—at least that’s my takeaway. 1,240 more words

On Family

Hope is the most important thing

I was speaking to a guest of the lodge yesterday who is currently embroiled in a nasty divorce.   He skimmed over a few of the distressing low-lights of his battle and said something during our conversation that really struck me.  250 more words


News Flash, College isn't Great for Everyone

College, College, College. The best years of your life…well not for everyone. Moving on to college was very difficult for me; I was so nervous to be away from home, meet new people, and just try new things. 784 more words


Gripped by sadness

Have your insides been held in the fist of your fears?

Do your lungs drag hard on the oxygen on the hot air that surrounds your face? 203 more words


Starting My Journey

Hi there! Let me formally introduce myself, I am Abby. I am currently a college student studying business. I also currently have anxiety and depression. I want to make it known that this is a judgment free zone, because we all need it to be. 745 more words


Remember to Crush the Daisies

My little son loved crushing the daisies that grow like dandelions in coastal Oregon. He’d yank them up, then crush them with a satisfied “Doh!” Yeah, probably the cutest thing on the whole dang planet. 324 more words


If You Can Choose, Always Choose To Be Content With Your Life

If you can choose, choose to be content.

Choose the life that brings you contentment, not a life of settlement.

Choose to fight for the career that you want because you are willing to sacrifice for it. 1,317 more words