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Time to Laugh- Day 2

Announcement: We have now named our classes after the wildlife found in each: The Spiders and The Mischief (the name for groups of mice, even though we only found one). 356 more words

Alternative Seating


I happen to be a hyper-aware person and am typically not someone who can be “got.” When I gather myself up and decide to paint at home, I’ve always got one ear and eye on the two doors in our spare room. 724 more words


Avoiding the Dark Stuff

Self care is a word I’ve used a lot lately, from my Thoughtful Thursday post about what happens when you don’t have the energy to care for yourself, to pretty much everything else. 205 more words

Miscellaneous Monday

Undone Ties

Have you ever been utterly undone by the most ordinary of things without a graceful way to recover? Or perhaps not recover at all? Or is that just me? 690 more words

Whims And Wonders

Where's the Ha? By Susanna Spies

How many times have you sat in the back of class with your head down praying to God that your teacher wouldn’t call on you? Or you were asked to sing and yet the only time you were comfortable really belting it out was to Beyonce with all the windows rolled up in your mom’s car while she was inside getting groceries? 1,862 more words