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Day 1121: What helps

What helps me might be different from what helps you.

What helps is to be open to differences among people.

What helps me includes

Personal Growth

New Diet Musings

Describe yourself in five words, based on how you feel right now in your body. These are my words:

  1. Heavy
  2. Lethargic
  3. Lonely
  4. Unnatractive
  5. Sad

I’m not trying to be a self-hater or focus on the negative, I promise! 699 more words

Body Love

The Humour in a Snow Storm...

As the news came in alerting us of a snow storm heading our way, it placed a panic in the town. My step-son and I set out to gather necessities to brave the storm. 469 more words

Autumn Blues

If it isn’t me then it’s someone I know going through a ‘rough patch’. And as the winter months approach the diminishing sunlight and cold temperatures seem to bring about a somber feeling. 183 more words

Finding Humor

We are all faced with difficulties in our life. Everyday we perceive and deal with these difficulties. It is an important aspect of life, how we cope and deal with these difficulties is by choice. 122 more words


Living in the moment with a sense of humor...

I have the tendency to be serious and withdrawn. I get so involved in my thoughts, that I can very easily take myself away.  I can turn off the noise of the outside world and live within for hours and even days.  912 more words