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Why so Serious?

It’s 2 am and I’m lying under the covers wide awake.  My mind is swirling with the challenges of the day, concerns of tomorrow, fears of what “could” happen in the future, and the nagging knowledge that I must get to sleep.  429 more words


Simple isn’t so simple

As ever it truly was….

Just the other morning, 
Sipping from my favorite coffee cup,
I used a term from the old days,
My daughter giggled and told me,
she thought, I'd simply made it up. 282 more words


Where do I go to find myself?
Sitting here, must be the shell of me,
I'd rather be skipping along a path,
That runs along a bubbling brook
and meanders beyond an old oak tree. 100 more words

Only the Written

Often I try to verbalize aloud,
 My love filled thoughts and feelings.
 The spoken word never seems to convey,
 All that I carry in my heart and head. 69 more words

This Mom's L-O-V-E

Picture compliments of Zen to Zany prints.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Watching your adulthood from afar. In my world of dreams when you were young, we had family dinners at least once a week, gathered for holidays, planned trips together, laughed  and enjoyed each other’s company. 310 more words


My additions to the blog world

  My Writing

Subjects seemingly quite obvious on one day Other days possibly confusing, concealed or sublime, One day a good read with your morning coffee   15 more words

Disaster or Just Reality?

thank you Zen to Zany

What IS the definition of a disaster? 

Merriam-Webster’s definition:

  • : something (such as a flood, tornado, fire, plane crash, etc.) that happens suddenly and causes much suffering or loss to many people…

  • 467 more words