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Lights, Camera, Action! 

Timing is everything when it comes to moments and taking yours. But when your moment comes what happens if you’re not prepared or you miss it? 678 more words

Happy, The Journal

So I bought a new Journal!

I often find myself full of thoughts and never take the time to write them down, it results in me… 187 more words



I sit at the table, abundant with knowledge. What could you possibly offer me. The wealth of knowledge pools before my eyes and I know all that you don’t. 296 more words


Yes you can!

Success comes from wanting, from determination and persistence in reaching a goal. Even if you do not reach the target, those who seek and overcome obstacles will, at the very least, do wonderful things. 15 more words

Finding Myself

The questions of being vulnerable.

In my last blog post, I mentioned that my view on myself broke due to the viewpoint and words of one person. It was a small comment. 1,187 more words


The importance of travel 

As we’ve already established I am a huge advocate for travel, not just for the experience, but also for what it does to your mind and your soul. 434 more words

16 Interesting facts about Portugal

I lived in Lisbon (Capital of Portugal), for over 13 years and have loads of fascinating facts about the charming country, wich I’m eager to share with you! 957 more words

Finding Myself