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Today's Wisdom Key

Love is the key. A heart devoid of genuine love is a life that’s unfulfilled.


Finding Headspace.

I’m a rather open-minded skeptical person. But on my journey to deal with my anxiety I have been put in situations where I have had to try new things and approaches. 376 more words



Unzip yourself from wild-ride news

From tilt-a-whirls of media.

Seek peace amides the reeling waves

Of turmoil and tragedia.

Carve islands of no pitch or roll… 18 more words

Anecdotes Of Life


She said, “I spent most of my life looking for the next rescue. Sometimes I was savior, and other times I was saved. It was a constant cycle of codependency.”

~ a free woman


Solitary Call

If you heed

Your heart’s need

To silence

The fretting discord

That bestrewed your soul,

You’ll hear

The gentle chime

Of each breath


Its solitary call. 11 more words

Anecdotes Of Life

The Mystical Mother

When I sit back and think what it is to be a Mom, like a really good Mom, not just to hold a title but provide what a child young and old truly desires I have to go back to the little girl within me. 837 more words


And Then It Hit Me...

I was reading one of those blog/list things recently…20something “Ways You Can Tell This Is NOT the One from a First Date.” As I’m reading through the list, completely focused on these being traits from the guy, I stumble upon #18 on the list…”They Want You to Restore Their Faith In Something.” Reading this, I heard that voice within me say ” Oh, that’s so me…” But this wasn’t supposed to be about me. 454 more words