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Path to Publication: Melanie D. Snitker

Melanie Snitker stopped by to share her Path to Publication story. Enjoy!


I want to send a big thank you to Christi for giving me the opportunity to share my path to publication. 1,458 more words


~~GOOD-BYE JUNE 2015~~

Hello friends, how is life treating you?Great I hope,and trust..Well,my family of friends,so much has happened since I last wrote here…,,The Month of June proved to be a Joyous,Sorrowful,Record-Breaking Weather* in this loveliest of months…..I always loved the month of June,for,it signaled an ending and beginning..The ending of another School year,A Graduation,from High School,or a 4 year Univerity….Even,our 4,and 5 year old’s,relish the feeling of being a Grown-up ,wearing a Cap and Gown,for the very first time,as they excitedly,forge ahead to higher learning,the First Grade!!!!!! 70 more words

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Finding Peace in the Rain

I find peace in the rain.

Laying on the bed listening to the crashing of thunder and observing the illuminating lightening through my window while rain is pouring down in moving waves to earth feels me up with this overwhelming peace. 129 more words


When Ten Years Seems Like a Long Time

Every year it’s the same. We all meet for breakfast – Matt’s parents, his sister’s family, and us – and we take the same six-hour drive down the same roads through the same small towns. 1,081 more words

Finding Peace

Feng Shui and Breakfast Foods

Second morning of cooler temps!! We slept with the windows open last night!! It was wonderful! I prefer open windows to a/c whenever possible. It’s so beautiful out there that after my Ashtanga yoga this morning I took my shower and then I took a walk coming back home to fresh coffee waiting for me…thank you Mr. 479 more words

My Bohemian Life

Mini Post Monday - Breaking Me Down

I wondered aloud how far down God would take me. I was finally at the writing conference I so needed to attend and yet I had been sick and home issues had plagued me for the entire first day. 762 more words

Life And Happiness

Needs to finding peace

You just need a little peace huh?

Everyone has those moments where you JUST NEED A BREAK!!! Maybe you’ve had the absolute worst week ever or you feel like you’re about to lose it at home. 263 more words

Prayers For The Girl Who...