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Double Rainbows, Chakra Balancing Yoga, Abstract Art, Music and Life!

Just to keep them forefront in my memory I’m posting my goals for this week again and I may post them in every blog this week just so I don’t forget about them as I usually do forget things except for song lyrics like Give Me Love, Give Me Peace and Into The Mystic. 644 more words

My Bohemian Life

February 7th Thoughts

I can’t go away to lie in sleep
For I long to remain in this moment of clarity
Elevated and aligned
As if awakened for the first time… 80 more words

What does finding myself mean, feel, and look like?

I’ll try my best to define what this means to me. It means that I would know who I am. I know once I do find myself I would feel more free. 276 more words

Art, Art, and More Art!

Still letting yesterday’s post seeds germinate so I’m going to stick to art stuff today. I don’t know if I told you but I’m searching out galleries again. 406 more words

My Bohemian Life

When You Want to Beat the Winter Slump but Nothing Seems to Help

Hey there, fellow winter warrior. This time of year is pretty brutal, isn’t it? It’s cold. It’s dark. Our noses are stuffed up; the heating bills keep rolling in; and our kids are behaving like caged animals. 1,072 more words

Finding Peace

Don't Know Where This Blog Came From, but I'm going with it

Confession….I skipped the headstand asana today in Ashtanga since my neck is really tight…didn’t sleep too well, don’t know why, but I figured why risk it? 541 more words

My Bohemian Life

February #1/ Visitations

It is a fine, sly thing,
your reappearance
when I am not looking,
your smile redefining the day,
a welcome of mystery
though not long ago… 63 more words