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Find Your Happy Place!

Clouds.  I find them fascinating and soothing. I can sit on a clear day and just watch them for hours… Letting my mind go blank as my cares and worries seem to float away. 271 more words

When you can find ease in the silence and comfort in solitude you will have found Peace within yourself at last.

Ahhh….do you hear that?

Isn’t it glorious?

The sound of silence.

I love it. Some folks aren’t comfortable with the quiet but I actually am. When it’s so quiet and still like this especially when it’s early, still dark out or around dusk when it’s warm but chilly too, yeah, silence is really good then. 178 more words

My Bohemian Life

7 Ways to Get Spiritual Without Going To Church

Engaging, on a regular, scheduled basis, with a community of people who embrace the same truths and value the same ideals as you can be a wonderful thing. 931 more words


some whimsy, some pizzazz, some random fits of something that sets that time apart from any other

I’m almost out of October Mondays. I ask you how can we make a difference? What can we do so that when a day or a week or a month or a season or a year has passed we feel like we actually… 202 more words

My Bohemian Life

Peace Among The Pieces

So much of life does not seem to “fit”. So much seems to be so fragmented these days. It doesn’t seem to stack up. We try on our own to put the fragments back together, as if to find peace among the pieces, as if sifting among several thousand pieces of unmatched puzzles, which all have been jumbled into a big box and shaken up, will bring any answers at all.  21 more words


Where the weather beaten soul gets tranquility.
Where the lonely brethren finds company.
The world becomes smaller, empty almost.
The breeze, flower, water, trees- 40 more words

Dr. NAture

The Entwined Dream

I had a dream last night. It started as a bad dream which portrayed all the thoughts and feelings I am having right now, all the confusions, desperations and despair well picturized. 256 more words