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Flipside of the holidays.

And here’s the flipside of the holidays that’s really hard to say but maybe if I voice it others will feel less lonely.

Sometimes I think such dismal thoughts and get terribly sad especially this time of year. 193 more words

Captured Moments

When Your Life Aches for Some Balance

After last week’s blog post, I’ve continued to make changes in the way I approach not just my screen-related habits but also my work in general. 918 more words

Finding Peace

It Already Feels Just Like Thanksgiving

Happy Monday friends! I’ve practiced Ashtanga, my laundry is in the dryer, I’ve showered, dressed and cleaned out the litter box and made the bed! Later I’ll make bread. 227 more words

My Bohemian Life

Finding Peace

With all the changes surrounding our lives the search for peace is a full time job. One day we may feel we have peace in our heart and the next it’s nowhere in site. 367 more words

My Story

BLOG: Struggling with Reality

There’s just no point in struggling with reality—with the way things are—the things that are not in our control. It’s exhausting to attempt this!

We may be disappointed in some parts of our current situations because… 238 more words

Cathy W. Lauro


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been feeling the weight of the world lately.  The weight of people’s opinions about anything and everything, and mostly they haven’t been the kind or gentle or caring sort at all.  420 more words


Read Proverbs 25

Focus on verse 28

If it were not for self-control, we would all live like brute beasts in a social structure where the weak are consumed by the strong. 424 more words

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