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No Peace without Power

It takes power and authority to bring peace.

When two young siblings are fighting over a toy, their parent can be the peacemaker because the parent has the authority to order them to stop. 274 more words


Hold On To Me

She wasn’t sure she could hold on much longer.

If she could just… get… her finger… into that other crevice above…maybe she could get a better foothold. 673 more words

Life And Happiness

Righting a wrong

I woke today with new words from my thesis. As you may know from my writing, I have an adversarial relationship with my thesis. I received my lowest media studies grade for it and I never felt the heart connection to it, that it deserved and required. 149 more words

Finding My Voice

Who Can Bring Peace?

In our culture, violence, anger, and hatred are spinning out of control. No one can stop it. The police cannot stop it; they themselves are now the targets more than ever before. 240 more words


Phone Glitch

A couple of years ago, we traveled together to Nepal. It was a pretty easy trip, with cool beers and Lake Fewa to enjoy; chilly mornings brought the unexpected and spectacular view of Fishtail Mountain. 1,962 more words

The Bad Indian Wife

this whole porn thing

spank my arse

lick my bootie

reach out and touch your high definition screen

until it makes you scream

your bootie calls and your young girl fetish… 40 more words

The Bad Indian Wife


i never knew

that he did not know

that each night

for a few quiet moments

i would enjoy some peace

under the neem tree… 101 more words

The Bad Indian Wife