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In my strength there’s weakness but in my darkness, I always find the light. When I fear what’s up ahead I remind myself that I can do this, even when it sounds like I don’t believe…I still do…enough. 96 more words


How to Have Peace with God

At the grocery store checkout a few weeks ago I saw this article title: “How Oprah Found Peace with Food.” I’m glad for Oprah. It’s no fun fighting a daily battle against eating and weight gain. 762 more words


How I Find Peace

As I sit here on the bathroom floor at 1:46 am, I came across a song from my schools chorus concert. It was “I Will Rise,” aka one of my favorite songs, aka one of the only songs that can get me into a full-on worship (especially on the bathroom floor ;) ), aka the song that encouraged me to write this. 475 more words


What Do You Want?

I ask myself “What do I want? What if? What next? What the f###?”  depending on the day.  Than  I wonder “What now?”

Finding Peace

Just Found Clarity On The Yoga Mat

I started not to practice it. I didn’t think I would dig it. But I did practice it and I did indeed dig it. The… 499 more words

My Bohemian Life

Declutter, Detox and Make Room For Happy to Move In

What do you think Happy is? Do you think some thing can make you happy? A person? A situation? A vacation?  I don’t. I think you have to find Happy inside yourself no matter your situation which in most cases isn’t perfect at all. 375 more words

My Bohemian Life

When Do You Know It Is Time To Let Go?

When I was in my early 20’s and still trying to figure myself  out, as well as members of the opposite sex, it wasn’t that difficult for me to determine when something wasn’t working and it was time to let the relationship go. 1,244 more words

The Journey