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At Peace in an Age of Chaos

With all the “craziness” that is going on in our beautiful world it is a challenge to remain peaceful and in the moment. It is perhaps asking too much of people, to embrace the words of “The Planet of Peace” which was the subject of my first blog, without a stepping-stone. 644 more words

Being In The Moment


I’ve had all these thoughts running around my head that I planned to write about but I decided to run to the store first. That’s where my plans changed and I decided to talk about something lighter. 590 more words


Every Day

Have you ever had that friend who never calls? It seems like you’re the one who always does the inviting, the calling, the organizing of a get-together. 670 more words

Finding Peace

Learn How to Sit with Intense Emotions

Intense emotions can be uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable. So, how do you handle an intense emotion when it comes up for you? 

Well, first of all, don’t move. 277 more words


When Christmas Won't be Christmas, Because Life Is Too Uncertain, Day 3

Advent Week 2, Day 3 – Uncertainty Is Part of Life, But Fear Doesn’t Have to Be

1 John 4:16-19

We know how much God loves us, and… 383 more words


Finding My Way

Over the past few weeks I have had many great ideas to blog about. However, so much has happened over the past few weeks that I am not quite sure where to begin. 656 more words


Uncovering Plans


Maybe we weren’t supposed to uncover every detail of the master plan. And maybe that plan is too vast for us to understand where we could possibly fit in it all. 650 more words

Discovering Desires