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Five Keys to Peaceful Discernment

Life is complicated, and the course we should follow is rarely presented to us clearly.

It can be difficult to discern just how much we need to stand aside and let God act, and how much we ourselves should be making things happen. 1,000 more words


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Mandalas, Peace Flags, Coffee and Cats

Just finished power yoga, feeling great, second cup of coffee almost gone, fan stirring the breeze overhead, two cats chilling in the windows and laundry in progress while the bathroom is all done! 298 more words

My Bohemian Life

Collaboration for Peace - 17

 This week Candy and I are hoping you find peace amid the storms of life…

Safe Harbor

I sailed my little ship

through unknown seas… 31 more words


Life's Minefields

I’m a old man now. True, I don’t appear to be so (I know, sounds braggadocious). Grant me this.
65 years of age (not advertising for a mate). 833 more words

I'm Not the Only Crazy Lady in the Room

I’m certain that inside of every woman there lives a crazy lady screaming to get out. Not your average mild mannered crazy lady, mind you, mumbling to herself as she shuffles down the aisles of the Piggly Wiggly.  545 more words

Personal Development

Life Diary #1

Hey, everyone. I know I have not been posting as regularly as I should, and honestly I have felt sad recently. I am all about quality of life, feeling fulfilled in spirit and mind, tranquil and positive surroundings whenever possible. 534 more words

Give me strength~

I need it.

I’m asking for it.

I am extending myself and saying to you, to the world, to the universe…I need strength.

I am taking positive steps. 189 more words