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To Get a Good Job, You Have to Enjoy Interviewing

When you hate interviewing, you don’t perform up to your full potential. The KAS NYC recruiters know that part of getting a great job involves effective interviewing and rather than shy away from the activity, you must… 381 more words

Finding Sales And Marketing Jobs

Handling Rejection During Job Interviews

As headhunters, we come across many job seekers who have simply “had it” and, via a tremendous amount of interviewing rejection, give up on their job search.   587 more words

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Answering the Interview Question: "Why Do You Want to Leave Your Job"

When answering the question, “Why do you want to leave your job” our executive recruitment team of tens see a disconnect between what the job seeker says and what the interviewer wants to hear. 645 more words

Employment And Job Search

4 Ways to Better Your Salary Negotiation Methods

The theory is quite simplistic: the more salary you can negotiate, the more money you make. As executive sales recruiters, we often know that for many job applicants, at least the majority of (especially those who haven’t interviewed for a job recently) can have immense trouble with this aspect of the job search more than any other part of application process including the resume writing or even interviewing process. 564 more words

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LinkedIn vs the Recruiting Industry

As were many recruiters, when LinkedIn came out with their cutting edge social media platform, some headhunters thought that it would eat up market share. 509 more words

Employment And Job Search

I am Hating my Job!! What Should I Do?

First, there is a right and wrong way to quit. If you hate your job and need to quit, do it the right way. Quitting work in an unprofessional manner burning bridges along the way can come back to bite you 10 to 15 years down the road. 734 more words

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Getting a Job at the Right Company

You Only Live Once….

What role does our job play in our lives?  Well, running a marketing recruiting firm, I know that a big part of our happiness lies in our work as it consumes such a big part of our day and often comes home with us either in the form of stress, jubilation or other.  661 more words

Employment And Job Search