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Hans and Isabel Take Florence—an Interlude

Going out alone on a Friday night is a bit pathetic, in my experience. As long as I am traveling, I don’t anticipate many nights when I will have close friends that would go out to bars and clubs with me. 1,897 more words


Finding Waldo with Mathematica

For those of you who are fans of Finding Waldo and have a bit of a nerdy side to you, you’ll appreciate that someone figured out… 168 more words

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Junk Art

If you want to increase your freedom in painting, sometimes it’s useful to designate a specific painting as the official “junk” painting.  The junk painting is one that doesn’t matter.   272 more words


Help! I'm A Data Hoarder

Some day, perhaps sooner than later, neighbors may find me buried in a morass of festering digital clutter – twitter droppings, zipper files, news video, old songs, new songs, You Tube footage of nursing puppies and stupid person pranks, piles of podcasts and miles of ezines, ebooks, PDFs, JPEGS, GIFS. 144 more words


RTS #971 - Finding Waldo

You’d think it’d be easy to spot a guy wearing a Candy Cane on his body, but it seems everything in Waldo’s World is red, white & striped. 60 more words


Where are you??


Hey, we have a few classmates we’re having some challenges locating? ;)  Can you help us find….if so, please email Rachael at millikan88@comcast.net

The Not lost list, just momentarily missing…. 78 more words

Finding Waldo