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Creativity Commitment

I am a huge fan of Julia Cameron.  I had known about her book, The Artist’s Way, for a decade before I finally bought it when living in Sydney. 890 more words


Solvitur ambulando

“Nothing brings home the beauty and power of the world that we live in like walking. Moving into our bodies, we embody the truth that as artists we are out to make a “body of work”, which means we must encompass more than each days’ march. 684 more words


Days of flowers and fungi, part 2

On Tuesday afternoon, I walked up the drive to find the geese swimming in the backyard, delightedly dunking themselves in the water as they swam in wide circles. 765 more words

Public Events

Following trails to water

You’ve stumbled across a kangaroo trail but how do you tell which way to follow it? One way is going to lead you to water. What you need to look for is where two trails meet and become one. They will point the way.


Bush Survival with a Grasstree (Xanthorrhoea)

If you ever find yourself lost or stuck in the bush find yourself a grasstree. One tree can provide you with water, warmth, shelter, food and fire. 43 more words


Water, The Second Consideration Part 3 Finding and Purifying

In Part 1 we covered storing water, in Part 2 we discussed transporting it. Planet earth is 90% water, but in a SHTF situation, finding sufficient drinkable quantities of it will be a major challenge. 17 more words

Survival And Prepping