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Finding the Muse

Okay, I have to share.

You guys all remember me ranting about this guy, right? The guy who was just sitting on his hands and waiting for his muse without actually doing anything? 156 more words


Word of the Week: Productivity!

Mother Earth is getting rather productive right about now too.  Spring, soon to appear. Can’t wait!!!

How I ♥ to feel productive! :)

To have a really productive day, week, month… 227 more words


Keep On Keeping On


This is a necessary skill for any writer. Because let’s face it writing is a lot of work before you begin to see results. And sometimes, that can seem discouraging. 447 more words


Writing With Others

Sorry about missing last week’s post, time honestly got away from me. But here I am, another week, another topic.

Sometimes, I think I’ve admitted it to you all, my posts come from what I’ experienced that week in writing. 402 more words


The Art of Going on "Vacation"

What’s with the quotes?

Steven King mentions in his book On Writing that he writes every day, including his birthday and Christmas. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t do that. 428 more words


Finding Inspiration

I realized that I didn’t post Wednesday. Sorry about that. I spent the weekend in Washington DC sightseeing and going to Jingle Ball. From there, I came home to Christmas parties, working in retail (I’m sure some of you feel my pain) and ended up Christmas shopping Wednesday night and all day yesterday. 338 more words


Writer's Question : 12.17.14

When the writing gets tough, how do you talk yourself down from the ‘I’m not cut out for this’ ledge? When your abilities come into question, what forces you back to your writing space? 13 more words