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Something must have got into me…

Writing is a funny thing, some days it’s really easy and words flow onto the keyboard almost without thought being needed – it can feel like almost a direct transfer of information from your brain and it all just sort of makes sense without really trying. 1,439 more words

Me, My Muse, and I

As writers – no, as any creative type out there in this insane asylum world – I think we’re insulting ourselves when we talk about capturing and keeping a muse. 594 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Calling on the Muse: A Meditation for Creative Spirits by Mary Sharratt

The world at large might view artists and writers as free spirits rocking la vie bohème, but creative people know that it’s much more complicated than that, especially if we’re striving to earn even a modest living from our work. 837 more words


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For my writer friends out there. I have blogged about her books before.

Writer's Block: are you procrastinating, or is it a necessary fallow period?

Some successful writers subscribe to the view that we should sit down and write every day, no matter what, even when inspiration is absent. There is of course value in this, and it may stimulate the flow. 295 more words

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