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To do or not to do? That is the question...

Sitting by the window and staring out at the vast expanse of water that continues all the way to the horizon and beyond, I ponder where life has brought me. 279 more words

Wouldn't That Be Amazing!

You know people say all the time that you should do what you love.  The other day someone at work, who is among the group of people whom I torture with all my workouts and runs and successes all the time, told me I should teach fitness.  836 more words


Dear Graduate...

Dear Graduate,

Well, you’re finished with school – at this level. You should be proud of what you have accomplished.  Like many, you’ll now be busy clearing the path ahead of you.  1,507 more words


It’s been a very long time since I’ve been here…. Five years….Life has moved forward… I could never elaborate on all those minutes of life, of art, of finding my way, and sometimes losing it again. 464 more words


The only way to find your voice is to use it

I wrote a post last week about how I was feeling. Although it is new for me to be this personal, I’ve found that this is the place where I can share certain things when it comes to how my emotions relate to my work. 150 more words


When You Can't Find Your Way

Where do you run when you can’t find your way?

Every direction calling, barking different reasons to pull you.

Or worse, no sound at all–no options.   35 more words

You're in My Bubble (INFJ)

I get satisfaction from writing to-do lists and checking them off. And I love when a plan comes together. I dislike that my feelings oftentimes get the better of me and that I have to learn to be more patient. 656 more words

Just Writing