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If you feel stressed now, don't worry, you'll be much happier in your 70s!

A recent survey concluded that people in their 70s were happier than younger people. Take a look

There was more: married, employed and religious people seem to fare better. 40 more words


Men and loneliness: how to overcome it

Seven ways men can overcome loneliness

1. Move beyond the “manly” stereotype. Our culture’s view of men and manhood is profoundly flawed, with its emphasis on external strength but neglect of inner strength and character. 815 more words


Links to articles about side projects

As I was reviewing and updating the structure for the How to find the right business project (and allocate time to it) course, I realise Ι ought to share a few links on the topic. 227 more words


Men and loneliness

Here are two recent statistics that give pause for thought:

1. Britain is now the loneliness capital of Europe, with its people less likely to know their neighbours or have strong relationships than anywhere in Europe… 681 more words


How are the New Year's Resolutions going?

How are the New Year’s resolutions going? Early days I know, but how many of them will you still be keeping in three months’ time? 374 more words


Back to the Top Again - Happy New Year

The mist is still there as I climb back up the bracken covered side of Ryer’s Down on the Gower Peninsula. It could be said that yesterday’s magical atmosphere in the woods has come with me into the new year – mist can certainly have a mystical effect on things (sorry about the pun). 42 more words


The Grey One's Warning

Stop. I stand between, and would have a word with you. I hope that I won’t have to let you by. Why head you this way to take the road of reckoning through the swamp of sorrows, the terrain of trials? 592 more words