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Be a Rebel Today

Be a rebel


Against old ways

That no longer


And worries

That hold back

The changes

You know

Your soul


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Anecdotes Of Life

Moving at the speed of light

I’m quite cheered. This year is FLYING by. I mean, in my mind it should be around March 1st, but apparently it’s nearly the end of April. 511 more words


Finding Your Way

It is so easy to get caught up on where we are supposed to be and forget about where we currently are. I for one, am always thinking about what I want in the future and where I see myself in 5, 10, or even 25 years. 228 more words

Being You

my thoughts on chronic illness

My life feels like a glass vase slipping out of my hands and watching it shatter in hundreds of pieces……………..in slow motion.

I look at the pieces, lying scattered all over the cold, hard floor and wonder, where do I start?  270 more words

Chronic Illness

Existing In The In-Betweens

The moments after your prayers and before your next steps. The times you’re trying so desperately to trust but you’re still waiting for answers, for some sort of truth surrounding what path to take. 564 more words

Marisa Donnelly

The King and I

Elvis Presley, the noted King of Rock and Roll, was like a member of our family. Mom worshipped him and owned several of his albums and 45s that I wore out playing and dancing to when I was little. 662 more words

Finding Your Way

A Lesson in Self-Defense: Lights! Camera! Action!

About one year after Mom and Dad’s divorce, during one of Stevie’s weekends with Dad and me, Dad set up his tripod, movie camera, and floodlights in the middle of the living room. 1,185 more words

Finding Your Way