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Today I Walk with the Divine Key in my Pocket

Yesterday I wandered too far,

Striving for something I forgot I already had.

Fog descended, smothering the trail.

Disorientated, I stumbled, twisted my ankle, grazed my knee. 120 more words


Review: "The List" by Siobhan Vivian


Prettiest and ugliest: these two words drive the publication of an annual list at Mount Washington High School. At the start of homecoming week, an anonymous list is posted all around school, and it labels the prettiest and ugliest girl in each class. 362 more words


Review: "Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning" by Danette Haworth


Quirky and headstrong, Violet Raines likes everything the way it is. She lives in a small town in Florida, and she spends her summer days hanging out with her friends, searching for alligators in the rivers, and watching a summer storm go past. 258 more words


Thursday, May 9, 2019 ~ A Mother's Heart

All I can ever remember wanting to be when I was growing up was a Mama. I used to dream of having children and spending all my time just loving them. 796 more words

Finding Your Way

Loving Between The Lines

We all hear the phrase, “Reading Between the Lines” but we never think about loving between the lines. What if we stopped, just to a step back in situations? 460 more words


The Garden Path

I am writing this as both an expression of being led in this way and a warning against it.

Always trust your own intuition above all else, there are unfortunately many out there who will lead you along a path to nowhere for their own benefit. 100 more words


The Situation

We often find ourselves in many situations. Some good and wonderful, some hurtful and draining. Some are a bit of all of that. I fell in love with a situation (that’s what we will call him) that became a huge situation both good and bad. 524 more words

Finding Your Way