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Curate // Pumped Up Kicks (aka My Sneakers Wishlist)

I am a shoe addict.

Here is a fun fact about me: I grew up wearing heels! Yup, no kidding. I had my first pair of 3 inches heels way before the age of 10. 785 more words


Study Finds No Link Between Acne Treatment Isotretinoin and Depression Risk - MD Magazine

MD Magazine

Study Finds No Link Between Acne Treatment Isotretinoin and Depression RiskMD MagazineMedications that successfully treat acne vulgaris have been linked in clinical research to increased risk of depression and suicidal ideation, raising the specter of a cure that can be worse…

The Carpathian Campaign 1916

The biggest part of our relics comes from the context of the WW1 Romanian Carpathian 1916 campaign, when the Romanian troops were forced to retreat from the Ardeal region, forming a resistance line on the Carpathian peaks. 146 more words


16.09.2015 Busteni

One month after the discovery of a WW1 mass grave, our team reported a very similar situation, also located on the WW1 battlefields of the Brasov area. 427 more words


Mantle Styling- Fall Edition

If you’ve ever moved, you know that the stuff you have can look completely different in each place you call home. The light that we adored over the dining room table in one house now looks terrible in the new dining room. 976 more words

Eddie Redmayne finds red carpet events 'anxiety inducing' - Pakistan Today

Pakistan Today

Eddie Redmayne finds red carpet events 'anxiety inducing'Pakistan TodayWhen you do red-carpet things, there's nothing remotely calm about them. They are anxiety-inducing. And the one thing I do feel is that a well-tailored suit can really help.” Redmayne- who is m…