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Bottle Top on Bank Street

,I found this interesting thing the other day. I was walking down Bank Street, down to Milltown on the way to the park. For those of you who don’t know it, it is a cobbled path (setts, actually!) that winds its way through demolished mill-scapes, and which allows access to High Street East. 550 more words


Going LIVE!

Are you ready!? Here are a few concerts that I’m super excited about. Definitely want to try to make it to all of these!

Kid Cudi is one of my favorite artists. 140 more words

Blake Nolani

Why Smarter People Can Be More Judgemental, Study Finds

(Source: www.rd.com)

You’d think that being a little extra brainy would help you avoid the social faux pas of judging someone based on their looks, but as it turns out, even if you’re smart and more aware of the various cultures around you, you’re still prone to making the mistake of stereotyping. 439 more words

Money Matters

Day 3 - glass half full ....

Today was a mixture of Romans and Victorians, the original residents and the original excavators.

We carried on revealing the mosaic in room 28, one strip at a time. 277 more words


U.N. inquiry finds Congolese militia likely killed U.N. monitors

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – A United Nations inquiry found that two U.N. investigators were murdered by a group of Congolese, likely militia members from central Democratic Republic of Congo, but an absence of evidence “does not preclude the possibility that others are involved.”

Raising funds to combat hate

[UPDATE: YOU DID IT! In about 3 hours, wow. You’re all completely amazing and I can’t thank you enough.]

Tomorrow, I’ll show you my new shirt, but today is not the day for that. 502 more words