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The Best Photography Equipment - - - Ever!

So, I took the plunge and bought a new 32 foot RV trailer. My calendar is beginning to look amazing. I can’t wait to get started doing more of what I love – being in a natural environment and photographing its undisturbed beauty. 19 more words



On seeing this image I am given the true meaning of destiny.

The two trees in this image, dwarfed by the on coming storm and lit by a single ray of light, entangled and entwined around each other as lovers, molded into the perfect aesthetic shape by the prevailing winds. 177 more words


"Black Tree"

While traveling to Broome I saw this little black tree, I couldn’t resist the loneliness of the tree within the turbulent stormy landscape. I wished to portray the tree as ones self, standing strong against all adversity. 139 more words