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A Laundromatic Tribe in a Land of Rooms

I was out behind the house after a day at work, smoking a cigarette as it had become a ritual at that point. As I inhaled, I felt the fire take inside my lungs, creating a moment of nothing. 1,332 more words

Creative Writing

Stereo Images.

Two images, making a stereo copy, with variations:

‘#Immigrants on the sand’

‘For Deirdre’

Images taken in Newcastle, County Down, 2018. 33 more words

May 3 Thursday

Today, I used the linos to make the responses for the other test of materials.  In the ancient china, people created a new techniques like the print to make many models for each words, as a result, when they want to make a book, they only need to put the models in the order. 113 more words

Fine Art

May 2 Wednesday

In the morning, I did the response for the test of materials, the fabric.

In the ancient china, emperor will use fabric to write the important things, like the things which happened in the country or the changes in the two different countries.  121 more words

Fine Art

Subject - Independent study experiments

I decided to experiment with no preconceptions of my work, to free my mind of any pressures and to simply try a variety of techniques and new materials until inspiration strikes! 325 more words


April 30 Monday

Today, I do the responses about the material, fabric.

I researched the informations about the process of what’s changes during the time for the Chinese handwriting.  313 more words

Fine Art