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Non-directional influence

So I was watching the new video by Fine Brothers- Elders React to Rihanna “WORK” ( You can check it out here  ) when I started thinking about out generation. 315 more words


Not so Fine anymore, bros.

YouTube, the 3rd most visited website in the world, owes itself to the people creating and sharing videos every day. As it is now, it’s a community where creativity and dedication is rewarded, and greed and general bad things are called out. 521 more words

Trademark attempt over "REACT"

Mới gần đây, BBC có một bài viết liên quan đến việc đăng ký “REACT” dưới dạng nhãn hiệu (trademark) của anh em nhà Fine (youtube channel: … 819 more words

Case Study

The Fine Brothers fiasco: Three lessons in crisis management

By Molly Olten

Fine Brothers Entertainment, a popular YouTube channel, recently launched into crisis mode. The creators, known for popular videos such as Elders React to Dubstep… 653 more words

Public Relations

Apple loses Trademark Lawsuit to the Fine Bros. Ordered to pay $626 Million.

In a stunning court decision, a jury found Apple guilty of infringing upon the patents of another company. Many of the tech giant’s most well known and highly used applications, including FaceTime and iMessage, were alleged to be infringing upon patents held by notorious holding company VirnetX. 276 more words

Return of the PR Nightmare: The Internet Vs. The Fine Bros.

As guilty as I feel for admitting it, I do feel a certain giddiness when a foolish person or persons get exactly what they deserve. 639 more words


Episode 108 - Trademark Tim goes to Graceland

Tim, Tony and Patrick are discussing Trademark and intellectual property issues in schools and the WriteLab service that helps improve student writing. Check out the talking points below. 171 more words