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Central – Mater Elevations 17 courses Tasting Menu: A poetic and grand food concerto tribute to Peru


Let’s face it. I’m no foodie. I’ve never had any fine dining experiences in my life. As a matter of fact, I have no standard for food – I’m happy with eating mash potato from a box (yes, one of those where you mix some sort of powder with milk, and ta-da, here comes the delicious mash potato!); or I’ll easily get satisfied from cooking myself a meal with weeks old ingredients – frozen or half rotten (just cut out the bad parts and treat them as fresh ingredients!). 2,010 more words

Central Restaurant

Read: Sweetbitter: a novel by Stephanie Danler

Enticed by the cover at the public library and my peaked interest solidified by the bountiful praise on the back, I settled into Sweetbitter: a novel… 561 more words

Rech: The Alain Ducasse replacement restaurant

At what point does a chef throw in the towel with a concept?

Is it when dropping from two Michelin Stars to one? Or the final ignominy of losing that final Michelin Star? 1,973 more words

Fine Dining

Kingly desserts

Visited a fine dining restaurant containing this regal little bakery after spending an afternoon at the loveliest bookstore. Window shopping really, but even that was a treat! 14 more words


Restaurant Andre Review: Singapore's Best Restaurant

Restaurant Andre

  • When: March 2017
  • Michelin Stars: 2
  • Male DINK Rating: 11/15
  • Female DINK Rating: 11/15
  • Total Cost: $1,017; Food Cost: $500

The restaurant’s namesake – Chef Andre Chiang – is very involved in several restaurants throughout Asia, and he is a part-owner of the wonderful… 1,958 more words

Restaurant Review

Montreal: Toqué! Canada's #2 Restaurant

I was cut, completely disappointed.

When I found out that Canada’s number 2 restaurant (then #1) was located in Montreal, a city that I’d be spending a few days visiting for work, I immediately set about making a reservation. 1,196 more words

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