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Every now and then someone passes on a nice chunky piece of  polystyrene packaging to us. All we do is add some children’s hammers and golfing T’s and create a fantastic hammering activity for the children to enjoy. 14 more words


'Legoland' by Ted

Ted actually did this in Croatia but I didn’t post it.

Lately he is not only very interesting in drawing, but in forming letters, and in ‘writing’ about his pictures. 15 more words

Letters And Numbers

Spray Rubber


Recently, I looking for something to keep  paper on a plastic clipboard from sliding around. I had a student that was struggling to keep worksheets from sliding while clipped on the board.  353 more words


Messy Play

This week we have enjoyed making potions with lemons, limes and dried herbs.

Using the juicers was tricky at first but a great way to help develop our fine motor skills.

Creative Development

Building Fine Motor Skills 

We use fine motor skills every day including tying shoelaces, writing with a pencil, buttoning our shirts, etc. Children need practice working the small muscles within their hands and fingers which is developed with time and practice. 243 more words


A is for Ant- Emergent Writing Activities

Phonological awareness activities are activities that increase children’s awareness of the sounds of language.

These activities include playing games and listening to stories, poems, and songs that involve rhyme, alliteration, sound matching, and emergent writing. 87 more words