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In Hand Manipulation

Definition:   The movement or adjustment of an object in the hand after grasp.

Sample Activities:

  1. Pick up small object with fingertips and move object into palm.
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Occupational Therapy

Montessori Inspired Jacaranda activities using purple snow!




The Jacaranda trees are flowering and Brisbane is turning purple. The children are counting the number of trees on the way to kindy and collecting the fallen flowers to share. 119 more words

Chopped tinsel

Another part of our traditional festive play preparations. chopped tinsel is a really versatile resource. We always use up our old tatty tinsel this way, so it’s a free play tool – which we love! 203 more words

Sparkly squishy snow play

This lovely and soft mouldable snow is great for building your own miniture snowmen! Add some glitter and have a beautiful sparkling resource for open ended play. 157 more words

Writing With Buttons

Last week, the Lions practiced writing letters with buttons. Writing the same letters over and over can get boring! All of the Lions are still working on remembering the names and sounds of each letter, so this is a fun alternative to the usual pencil and paper exercises.

Animals in Autumn time

Lots of children wanted to learn about Autumn animals and this week at nursery we have been learning about what animals do in Autumn time to prepare for winter. 89 more words

Pumpkin Palaver

After Halloween the children decided they wanted plenty of pumpkins in our classroom.

There were pumpkins in the water tray. So we made pumpkin potions, using the tweezers to take out the pumpkin seeds and adding colours and scents to the potions. 470 more words

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