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Thank You for Your Heart

One day in August 2016, I received a message from dear Colleen. Colleen said that after she read Li-Ann’s post Bro Fist, she missed LA and would love to Skype her to chat or do a craft together. 440 more words

My Family

My funny boy 

Quotes of the week:

“Trump is a yucky, yucky bully.”

He learned that from a 5 y.o. girl at preschool. 😂 We have never mentioned his name in our house so he did not hear that from us! 78 more words

Fine Motor

Suddenly crazy into coloring

Like all boys, he’s never been much of a colorer. I don’t know what’s happened to him this week, he’s been coloring several times a day. 59 more words

Fine Motor

Winter Week 7: January 16-20


Build a Snowman!

Playing with playdough is a really simple but beneficial way to work on both creativity and all of those little muscles in the hands and forearms that will later be used when writing and in other fine motor movements. 707 more words


Fine Motor skills

Autism is known to be an expensive disorder. The therapies and treatments make less room in our wallets to afford for getting day to day activity products to enhance our kid’s skills. 84 more words

Fine Motor

Winter Week 5: January 2-January 6


Choose a Craft

It’s a very busy time of year. Take this art day to choose a craft that your child loves to do, but it doesn’t seem like you ever have time to do it. 782 more words


Merry Christmas 

It’s the last few days of the year. He’s enjoying his new Imaginext, Legos, remote control car, and bows and arrows!

He can now build a small Lego set by himself, and is inmensely proud of himself. 103 more words

Fine Motor