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Outside Painting

We looked up how to do Water Balloon Painting today. After realizing we didn’t have some bottles that would make it easier, we tried it anyway. 86 more words


light table 

We are LOVING our diy light table. There is just something about the light quality.

For this activity, I put a bit of paint in a ziploc bag and duct taped it shut. 79 more words


basket weaving 

So on second thought, using our laundry basket during potty training week may not have been my smartest mama move but we’ll make due. And this one was worth it. 35 more words


Desert Habitat Unit Workboxes for your Two Year Old

This year we are off to a hot start. Our study of habitats, from around the world, begins with the desert. Our preschooler loves animals so we are following along with his studies for Tot School. 66 more words


Desert Habitat Unit Workboxes for your Three Year Old

The world is kind of a funny place. An amazing place that I am blessed by everyday but its still kinda funny. Some places around the world are crazy hot, some freezing cold and other places bounce around in temperature.  125 more words


Masking Tape Pull

This morning I was using masking tape to fix a game box that was falling apart. When Kora noticed what I was doing she immediately ran over to me saying, “Me help!” 340 more words

66 Days

Fall Unit Workboxes for your Two Year Old

Fall is always sneaking up on me. We go away on vacation for two weeks come back and all of a sudden the leaves are different colors. 79 more words