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Faiveley Lunch at The Square

This blog is long overdue, as is any writing on this blog over the last few months. In early June I was very kindly invited to lunch at… 800 more words


Food | Flat Liner

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By NedsinAnoqui

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Why Do Wines Taste Different - Part 2b...

Vineyard Influence on Wine Flavors and Structure

As I dive deeper into this, the rabbit hole takes me deeper and deeper… I must apologize again. Location is too big a topic to include a discussion of soil types in the same piece… So, it appears I will have a part 2a, 2b and 2c in this series on “Why Wines Taste Different”. 872 more words


Illusions of wine

I’ve been working on a range of bespoke wine lists for yachts and restaurants in the south of France. This project uses a light optical illusion (take two empty circles, one bold colour circle, one straight line and voilà) to create the simple, but effective, image of a wine glass. 23 more words

Layout Design

It's a Corks thing!!

As big fans of folk who do things a little bit different, are unafraid to innovate and go that ‘extra mile’, we’d heard a thing or two about developments at Corks Out in Stockton Heath. 554 more words


Why Do Wines Taste Different? - Part Two-ish

Continuing the two part series, well… I realized this topic was just too much for one additional piece. Don’t forget, I am no industry expert. This piece is only offered from the perspective of the impact on enjoyment of wine flavors and structure. 1,250 more words