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Superior Summer Wednesday - Jun 21

Snapshot: On Wednesday morning we get the official start of Summer/Winter, depending on your Hemisphere. AND we can set new family goals with conscious clarity. 819 more words

5D Astrology

New Moon in Gemini 25th May, a Gateway to your dreams. Magic in the air!

A Gateway to your dreams. Magic in the air.

New Moon in Gemini 25th May at 4 degrees, 8.44 Pm UT.

A powerful portal, a finger of God aspect opens up together with this New Moon in Gemini that is active over a three day period. 980 more words

Finger Of God

God's little finger!

I’ve been on vacation for the past week, but I’m back now. I hope you missed me!

Thoughts of Luke 11:14-23

Okay, you’re going about your business, bringing wholeness to broken people. 280 more words


The Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Daring To Be Ourselves

Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) 10 February 2017 4:32 PM PST at 22 Leo 28

This eclipse occurs concurrent with and involved in several configurations: a Finger of God with base of Lunar eclipse-Jupiter, apex Chiron; a Kite involving the eclipse axis and Saturn-Hygeia and Uranus; and a Fire Grand Trine of Luna-Earth, Uranus, and Saturn-Hygeia; a Finger with base of Sun and Saturn-Hygeia, apex Vesta, with this latter body only 5 minutes off exact semi-sextile to the Lunar eclipse; a loose Fixed Grand Cross with the Sun-Earth-Lunar axis squaring an opposition of Sedna and a 29 degree Black Moon Lilith —and unrelated to the eclipse, a Finger with base of Sedna-Chiron, apex Jupiter, and a loose Cardinal Grand Cross with Vesta, Uranus, Pluto, and Zeus-Jupiter. 1,517 more words


Your Week 3-9 February 2017 Pointing the Way

Configuration of the Week is a Finger of God apex Jupiter with base of Sedna-Chiron. This may promote a tendency to combine hurt and blind spot material, and then display it publicly (or worse, to think our wounds and unknowns add up to ‘facts’)–Ouch! 1,354 more words