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How Far Will You Travel Check Your Palm Lines

Wondering about how far you will travel around the world?
‪#‎TravelingLines‬ are found on palm in following places:-
1. Line going upwards from first line of bracelet. 97 more words


iolite arrives in the mail today,
provides friendly constitutional energetic-patterns
to registered phenomenon in a meter, which

allows a house to remain powered, but the… 52 more words

Di. eN. Ay.

On monday morning at 9.05am, 10 September 1984 the world’s first genetic fingerprint had formed at the university of Leicester.

Leaving the statistical side of this aside, the DNA is unique for everyone. 38 more words

Gesundheit! Forgot Your Password? Sneezing Is The Latest In Identity Technology

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California (The Adobo Chronicles®) – Forgot your password yet again? No worries. There’s  a new technology now in the market that will revolutionize identity recognition for unlocking your smart phone, using the ATM, or gaining access to maximum security areas. 181 more words



This week in a word? Lightroom. My workflow will forever be grateful for my friends at Adobe, because this program is a game changer. It helped me focus more time on taking the images and cut down significantly on editing. 222 more words



Sharp baru saja mengumumkan Aquos ZETA SH-03G dengan kamera belakang sebagai salah satu fitur andalan. Sharp mengklaim Aquos ZETA SH-03G mampu merekam slow-mo video 480p pada 210fps dan diinterpolasikan ke 2100fps, untuk menurunkan panjang 30fps hingga 70 kali. 137 more words

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What is Your Shoe Print?: Learn What Makes You Unique as a Reader

There are studies that claim that somewhere in the world there is a person that looks like us. This is very true especially if you have an identical twin. 415 more words

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