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4K video, fingerprint scanners and 8 more hot phone trends

If you want to find out about the latest smartphones, tablets, and gadgets, Mobile World Congress is the place to do it. We’ve covered the show all week, live from Barcelona, and we’re walking away with a pretty good idea where mobile tech is headed. 883 more words


You unlock this smartphone with your eyes

Some of the new phones launching at Mobile World Congress are sporting fingerprint scanners, but a new device from ZTE uses a very different biometric security measure to lock its screen. 371 more words

RBS and NatWest banks to use Apple's Touch ID fingerprint system for mobile login

Customers of RBS and NatWest will soon be able to access their online banking without having to remember a password – but only if they have an Apple device equipped with Touch ID. 665 more words


No Fingerprint Scanner for Nexus 6 Due to Apple!

Motorola did intend to include a Touch ID-like fingerprint sensor in its Android flagship Nexus 6 smartphone, the company’s then-CEO has revealed, but canceled the plan following Apple’s acquisition of would-be component supplier AuthenTec. 286 more words


Apple is the reason the Nexus 6 doesn't have a fingerprint scanner

Since the Nexus 6 was released, it’s been evident that Google’s developer flagship came very close to having a fingerprint scanner. Thanks to ex-Motorola CEO and current Dropbox COO Dennis Woodside, we know why it was eventually axed: The available fingerprint scanners simply… 221 more words

Why Your Fingerprint Does Not Sufficiently Protect Your Phone

Since the adoption of the IPhone 6, users have had the option to secure their phones by using the standard four digit passcode, or by using the built in fingerprint scanner. 518 more words

Hacker Clones German Defense Minister's Fingerprint Using Just her Photos

Hackers have already bypassed

Apple’s fingerprint scanner using fake fingerprints, and now they have found a way to reproduce your fingerprints by using just a couple of photos of your fingers. 63 more words

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