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Fingerprints of the Gods Review

Graham Hancock has made several important contributions to the field of alternative history. Hancock is a Scottish born ex-journalist. Over the years he worked for various British newspaper as a correspondent. 614 more words

Drew Martin Writes

A Great Documentary about Geometry

The Spirit Science series was put together by Jordan Pearce, a young man whose sincerity and passion are unquestionable. I like the way he puts things together and this is highly recommended for anyone who’s interested in broadening their understanding of numbers and how they inter-relate with almost every aspect of human life.

Ian H Powell

One group of scientists look at vimana


Vimana, or flying craft, mentioned in the ancient Hindu texts were considered, by many modern scientists, as creations of myth. There is no proof that they existed, other than the documents that mention them. 501 more words


Različite teorije o “hipotetskoj trećoj stranci”, koje su predložili vodeći egiptolozi, kao objašnjenje za jednu od najvećih zagonetaka egipatske povijesti i kronologije. Arheološki dokaz upućuje na to da su se olmečka i egipatska civilizacija pojavile iznenada i posve razvijene. 1,008 more words