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Can it be...

Can it be…

That you gaze writes your name on the in-folds of my heart.

As if you reached through my chest and gently swept away the layers built to preserve me till this day. 51 more words


Report to Immigration!

Why my last year’s picture and fingerprints aren’t good enough, I don’t know. My U.S. passport photo serves me for fifteen years. But the Indonesian retirement visa, no way. 1,165 more words


toxic shame is not in my blood

It’s been a while, weeks and months, since I’ve visited DaysofHilda. I had to wait to see what I thought, toxic shame and all. It’s not enough to recognize the thing, the burden you drag, to understand that the reason why you do the things you do has a name. 257 more words

Toxic Shame

Schools fingerprint children for lunch program

So Mooch is collecting data on our kids. Why should we be surprised? A little loss of our privacy here, a little less freedom there, and pretty soon we have lost it all. 294 more words


Craigslist Data Recovery Experts

I like Craigslist and I am a happy Craigslist customer. However, buying something, I can see and use is much different than finding an expert to do your data recovery.  318 more words

Data Recovery

Science Round-up: Novel Forensic Reseach

I haven’t really been looking at all that much at scientific research articles this summer- something that will be changing really soon, but I definitely needed a break from everything research related after reading and using 200+ articles for various research in my final year of undergrad. 582 more words


Biometrics and Authentication – A new world of possibilities

This article was written by Sacha Breite, head of future payments at SIX Payment Services. It originally appeared here on July 20, 2015.

The search for a common, international standard of payment authentication is in full flow. 800 more words

Financial Crimes