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Alaska Airlines To Replace Boarding Passes with Eye and Fingerprint Scans

Alaska Airlines has been on the cutting age of technology in the past, and the company is doing it again by testing a revolutionary process that could theoretically speed up airport experiences. 726 more words

End Time Prophecy

The Nature of Water

I used to build dams
In the little creek out back
Of my grandparents house
In a forest I was sure held
Hobbit houses within the hills… 113 more words


Someone Else is Here

“Alright Jake! Time for bed.”

“Ahh, Mom! Can’t I stay up a little longer? That new detective show is about to come on.”

Margaret paused for a moment to consider. 563 more words


Body Parts I have Wondered About

Eye Color

The amount of melanin in our irises (the colored part of the eye) helps determine its color. But since melanin itself is black or very dark brown, how can we get blue eyes? 485 more words

Body Parts

A Poem Inspired By My Love Of Leonard Cohen's Writing

When I was introduced to Leonard Cohen’s poetry, I fell in love with how he used simplicity to create such intensity. His way of capturing the complexity of life and relationships through every day language in the form of poetry and song inspired me as a writer and an artist. 186 more words

How Fingerprints Work

Fingerprints have several interesting components that are all unique depending on the person. The study of fingerprints leads to the capture of criminals by determining who was where, and includes the identification of features including double loops, whorls, arches, etc.


dirty fingerprints

dirty fingerprints
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For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 26 more words