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His hands held on to

Her fingerprints on

The window

That separated them

Left him longing for

A moment to hold

And while he watched…

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The bathroom was the focal point of investigation. The handle of the implement was coated in a fine powder to reveal the fingerprints on it.. Tweezers were being used to carefully extract hairs from the tangle knotted in the working end of the tool. 85 more words


Fingerprints - Benjamin Peltonen

Well, someone sent me this one as a gift because… apparently I love everything Finland has ever made ( or so it seems).

Although this is not the kind of music I usually listen to and this is not a record I would personally buy I have to say that it’s actually a really good one to listen, but I want to make clear that I’m 32 years old and these are not exactly the kind of rhythms that make me tick, but I’m pretty sure that if you have a 15-YO sister she might love this album. 265 more words


The Stack: New tool allows smartphone camera to record fingerprints

A little outside my remit, but cool: New tool allows smartphone camera to record fingerprints. “A new prototype biometric tool, designed by researchers in India, enables a smartphone camera to act as a fingerprint scanner. 42 more words

Security & Legal Issues

Website that lets users log in with manhood picture

Technology has advanced so much, giving us the ability to use fingerprints and retina scans to log into our different accounts. 254 more words


It Might Be Impossible to Get Away With Crime Some Day

Somewhere in the 20,000 genes and 3.2 billion base pairs that make up the genome of Ted Kaczynski lie the genetic codes for madness. It wouldn’t be easy, even today, to tease out those genes, and it was even less possible in 1996, when the man better known as the Unabomber for the 16 bombings he carried out over 17 years was at last apprehended. 2,655 more words


In the deepest part of our hearts – we all yearn to be loved, and each of us comes with the capacity to give love in return. 348 more words