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Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric Time & Attendance Time clock Small Business management software

Hello, I’m your favorite “Smart World” today I’m gonna do the unboxing and the review of the Pyramid Time Traxelite bio this time clock that you can use if you are running on a small business the good thing that it has is that it does not require to be connected to the Internet at all times not even to the network you only need to have equality to the network not the internet when you’re gonna retrieve the punches at the end of the month it prevents by punching by using biometric fingerprint scans which is thing all you have the husband around for a while I’m gonna proceed opening that unboxing so you can see what’s inside the box and you want to the network and do the initial setup let’s check it off I’m going over the box see what’s inside and basically walk the we’re gonna press it to take out so it’s very basic I’m very powerful the weight that is up it has on a screen the will lie up light up to let the employee know whether the time punches have been successively require you can also punch using a numeric code the employers can punch using numeric codes on this and basically everybody will play their finger here and it will give you are a doubt of who the employee is on the back side you have a power plug where you can connect to the to the power it has regular mounting holes and screws and on the back you can connect the network and BCD out this is the basic layout on the back of the equipment and basically we’re gonna mount it like this hanging on the wall let’s see what else comes into the package I’m gonna put this aside here comes the mono for the basic installation then we will get you through in a in a little bit so you can see how we started on the wall of the client the installation CD that I believe that we will have to download an updated version from the manufacturer and also the power supply so we use to connect it permanently to the wall and I never cable that you can use to connect to the network it also comes with the standard mounting hardware so you can mount this plate on the world first and I should screws and a warranty memo let’s stop folder down for a second I make sure that if powers up so you can see the initial finish at screen I’m basically this is what the employees will see if I had a… 793 more words

My name is Amelie

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My name is Amelie, I am originally from England but I was raised in Germany. 291 more words

What Makes Leadership Unique?

A number of individuals in scripture stand out as being unique. One in particular is Ehud. Little is written about him, but he was the only judge identified as left-handed. 67 more words

Ctrl + Alt + Del

It’s 7:15 and I’m running late for work. I grab my messager bag out of the car and rush through the double doors, the cold AC air pushing the muggy humid air off my skin. 368 more words



Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do.” —Elvis Presley.

Very true! We are all have different sets of values even if we were raised by the same parents and lived in the same environment. 171 more words


Biometric payment cards - where are we now?

By Lina Andolf-Orup, Global Product Marketing Manager at Fingerprints. 

Biometric smart cards are emerging as the next innovation in payment cards.

According to ABI Research… 704 more words