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2015 finish-along: Q4 goals

To say that I have been less than successful in finishing much lately is a bit of an understatement… My “sew-jo” has been way out of whack and it left me feeling pretty uninspired, and very, very stuck. 267 more words

Trying again! Finish A Long Q3 Goals

Morning! Just give me a minute to dust away the cobwebs it’s been a while since I’ve been around here for various reasons…. but I’m back :) And ready to commit some goals to the third round of the Finish A Long (I can’t believe we’re that far into the year!) 225 more words


2015 finish-along: Q2 goals

Well… Q1 was a complete wash. I managed to get ZERO of my proposed finishes done. What can I say? Sometimes things just don’t go at all as planned. 266 more words

Goals Q2 Finish-A-Long

Well Q1 was dismal and even forgot to link up my one measly finish… here’s hoping to a better Q2! Especially since my new toy should be arriving end of next week :) 402 more words


Saturday's Agenda


Yesterday, I was supposed to take my Bernina in for servicing.  I only had 1 thing I wanted to get done at work and I was waiting on one of my clients to provide me with the finalized version of 1 sheet before the rest of it could go out.   709 more words

2015 finish-along: Q1 goals

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly thinking of things I want to make. And I love starting new projects. But finishing them? That’s a different story… My little pile of WIPs and UFOs has gone from manageable to almost comical. 385 more words

Woodland Critters.. aka a Finish!

So… my entry for the West Country Quilt Show is complete and is currently winging it’s way to Bristol. Helen and I are heading up on the Friday for it- is anyone else going? 248 more words