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Monster Madness

Recently I gifted Butter & Creaminess to an acquaintance’s daughter at a birthday party, and this person approached me to ask if I was able to make another cute little monster set so he could offer it to someone else. 230 more words


And now the successes!

My recent review of my WIPs and UFOs may have led to some unravelling, but I’m pleased to say it did also lead to some Finished Objects … 107 more words

Some things that are unseasonal

Summer’s officially gone here, but in practice, not so much. It’s still been topping 30 degrees on many days over the last week, and even our rainy days are still pretty warm. 779 more words

Finished Object: Yellow Polwarth!

During the course of my first Portland winter, I came to the realization that I needed more layering garments. Due to the drought in California, this had been my first winter in about 5 years. 687 more words


Dealla Done!

It’s finished! Yay!  Missed St. Patrick’s Day by one day but that’s okay, I’m still super excited! And even though it’s going to be 80 degrees today there will still be plenty of days getting back down to where it’s cold enough to wear it several more times this season.

Knitty Love

FO Friday- blanket edition

Yes, ladies, gentlemen and non-binary peeps. The epic blanket of scrappy awesomeness is officially done. (I say officially because I intend to keep adding random hexagons to it, it just isn’t going to be steadily worked on any more). 456 more words