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TTMT #226 - jewells68 - June 20, 2017 - 6 of 12

In which I show a finished quilt, and some groovy backing fabric. Nice and short!

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34: Urban Broomstick Slouchy Hat

I saw this pattern on Tumblr and I had to have it. I finished it on the bus down the student gaming nationals in Leicester and I have fantastic memories of that whole weekend (even if it took like 12 hours to get there). 61 more words

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33: Stolen From The Sea

I’d been scouring Rav for patterns for my Drops Delight and stumbled across this. It’s a really simple and elegant seafoam pattern for a stole and I love it. 72 more words

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32: Scraps Basket

I noticed I was starting to accumulate a lot of yarn scraps. I am not someone to throw things away (as my whole family can attest) so… 39 more words

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30: Boneyard

My first Stephen West pattern! I had some Drops Delight I didn’t know what to do with so Cia suggested this pattern. My first triangular shawl too! 72 more words

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29: Dad's Hat

This was a quick hat for my dad for Christmas I whipped up overnight. He sent me a picture of him wearing it and says it was perfect for the Northern Irish winter. 16 more words

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