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Finished Object : Campside Shawl

My Campside Shawl is finally off the needles, ends woven in and blocked! Even though I got discouraged in the middle of the project, maybe because of the repetitions of increases and decreases making it not the most exciting knitting experience,  the result is STUNNING!!! 211 more words


The nature series: Bark

I love to make beautiful fabric.

The feel of the yarn as it threads through fingers and around needles.

The enjoyment of seeing a beautiful thing coming out of what was once (very pretty) wool string. 206 more words


Socks, shooting stars and sitting still

I am very pleased to say that I have finished this pair of socks last night. They are for Paul’s birthday, that’s the first pair of socks I have ever knitted. 528 more words


Home Sweet Home

It has been a long and busy two weeks, working hard but doing cool stuff, but I’m finally back home. It’s so nice to enjoy the comforts of home again, a nice long soak in the tub, a good amount of time spent relaxing and a cup of good strong coffee later (I have been drinking the stuff that mostly tastes like water for weeks and am thourally sick of it) and I feel great! 409 more words


Long time no stitch!

Hey there!

It’s been a long time…and I have 1 finished object and still a Campside shawl on the needles… The kids will be going back to school next week and I feel like getting back to my knitting routine thinking about cozy cowls, gloves, socks and scarves to keep my loved ones warm when the weather starts getting colder in a few months. 75 more words


P is for Pwani

I have been doing surprisingly well with my resolution not to let the stash keep growing this year, and have bought very little yarn, but when I saw on Twitter (shortly after the nine-foot linen scarf debacle) that… 418 more words


Wherein I continue my string of last-minute wedding attendance dresses

I kind of love making dresses to wear to weddings. I like considering the taste and style of the people getting married and trying to create something that is like a merging of my style and theirs… Is that totally crazy? 778 more words