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Knitting Expat - Episode 21 - Design Knitting Frenzy ...

Hello everyone … welcome to the 21st episode of the Knitting Expat Podcast … this has become such a wonderful way for me to get more involved with the online knitting community and I’ve been loving it so far … so please do get in touch … I’d love to hear from you … so far I’ve been loving the interaction with other knitters from around the world that this new avenue has opened up to me … come join the fun … 976 more words


There's a Hippopotamus on our roof...

Ok, so he’s not really on our roof but indulge me here for a moment.

I did actually make a cake this week with intentions to cut a slice for him, but alas I forgot to take a photo (read: it took almost three hours to bake cleanly because it was an iffy oil based recipe. 389 more words

FO Friday: Dino Hat

I’m just a little bit giddy over this hat. I may have squeed a bit after weaving in ends! The Dino Cap for Jellybean is done and ready for winter. 175 more words


Bloomin' Granny

ABOUT THE TITLE:  The name of this project is an ode to the Beastie Boys’ “Boomin’ Granny”. Although, Grandma A– is more of a “Bloomin’ Granny” ♥ 607 more words


A Lovely Pair Of Socks

My second FO of the week. I’m on something of a finishing kick!! Here are my Checkerboard Socks in all their glory! Pattern: My own 70 stitch 5×5 Checkerboard pattern with stockinette sole and afterthought heel… 158 more words


Saturday at Sheep Thrills: Showing Off Samples & Projects!

Saturday is such a fun time to come to Sheep Thrills!  The store is always bustling with people.  Last Saturday there was a group of knitters at the front of the store in the comfy couch and chair seating.   539 more words

Two Mitts, One Happy Knitter!

My Jacoby Mitts are finito!  They are snug without being too tight. The yarn is a superwash merino/nylon base so I’m hoping they stand up well with no pilling as I type and work. 188 more words