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Not Idly Do the Leaves of Lorien Fall

The last few inches of my handspun Lothlorien were completed while watching, for the third or fourth time, all the most obscure DVD extras on the LotR:FotR:EE. 745 more words

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Welcome to the beginning of Socktober festivities!

Today I am pleased to release two new sock patterns.

They are the large version of the… 387 more words


Never Say Never to Nylon: Inuit Arts and Me, Part 2

I didn’t make an amauti last year, but I bought two used ones. One is for spring or fall, and one is for winter. I got the winter one for a great deal at a yard sale; it’s traditional white, has two layers, and genuine oil stains from fixing a snowmobile. 950 more words

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Caretta Caretta and the shawl planning

A happy weekend to you!

This weekend hasn’t been the most wonderful. I am stressing about work and how much I still have to do, but sometimes we get so overwhelmed that the only thing to do is walk away and bury oneself in something else in order to reset the brain so it can function normally again. 499 more words


Fine Fox Fur Fuzz Feels Fabulous: Inuit Arts and Me, Part 1

When we moved north north north a year ago, I was so excited to be moving somewhere that handcrafts were a big deal. To this day, I’m grateful that my knitterly preoccupations fit right into my otherwise very different environment. 560 more words

Finished Objects

The Amazing, Disappearing Crochet Blogger -or- I'm Back!

WordPress informs me that it’s been 4 or 5 months since I shared anything with y’all. ┬áIf we want to wax philosophical, we can assume that’s due to the fact that I finally… 786 more words

The Journey

Finished Project: North Shore

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram or Facebook feeds, you will have seen the photos of my finished North Shore sweater already. But, for posterity, I thought I’d post it here as well. 613 more words