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My very first quilt or how I started quilting

My first quilt never made an appearance on this blog because it was made before I started blogging. Since I am doing some catching up right now I figured I might as well show some pictures of it. 748 more words

Finished Project

Completed: a round quilt with a sheep in the center

Does a quilt always have 4 corners? Of course not! One of my friends asked if I could make a round quilt that they could use as a mat in their round playpen. 571 more words


April 23rd- A Little of This and That

It’s time for another update on my quilting projects…

  1. I taught a Collage Quilting class at New England Fabrics on April 14th. It was loads of fun to teach quilters how to use Mistyfuse and why I think it’s the best fusible for collage quilting.
  2. 326 more words

Completed: a non-shifting nursing pillow

A nursing pillow was one of the first things I made after my daughter was born. Nursing sessions with a newborn take forever (at least with my child they did) and it can get quite taxing on your muscles when you have to hold your baby in a good position for a prolonged period of time, several times a day. 390 more words


Pattern Testing - Scroop Otari Hoodie

I’ve always wanted to be a pattern tester, and last month I got my chance. I’ve been a follower of The Dreamstress (Leimomi) for several years, and I love the detailed research she puts into her blog posts. 659 more words

Finished Project

The Dual Crane Pipe Transporter - Mk.2

I am continuing to explore the fascinating world of the pipe transportation with a new prototype.

If you have a good memory, the first prototype had some limitation; in particular it couldn’t transport more than one pipe at once. 554 more words

Lego Technic

Completed: Elephants on parade quilt

A friend’s daughter’s birth announcement card had elephants on it. So, naturally, I wanted to make an elephant themed quilt. Drawing anything that looks proportionally right is sadly not one of my talents so I googled around to get some inspiration on how to get a recognizable elephant on a quilt. 379 more words