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Washcloth Bonanza

I had just enough of this purple cotton to make a small washcloth. Or so I thought.

But the missing corner doesn’t really matter. See, the size is perfect for a make up cloth and it’s the exact amount of scrubby that I need to take my make up off but leave my skin. 231 more words


A Tencel Sewaholic Granville

Dear Granville,

I have not felt this way about another pattern in what feels like forever. Your very existence makes my heart go pitter-patter. Our first rendezvous made my knees weak with delight. 1,082 more words

Finished Projects

Smart Litter Box Sensor

If you have an indoor cat, you’re probably all too familiar with the litter box-changing process: You peek and sniff at the litter box, and if you encounter a grim sight or bad smell—it’s time to change the litter. 52 more words

Finished Projects

Bibble: A Smart Desk Lamp for Roommates

The Bibble is a desk light designed to let your loved ones know where you are (or at least where you’re scheduled to be). The lantern can sit on their desk, softly glowing a particular colour, depending on whether you are at home, school/work, or out. 39 more words

Finished Projects