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Magic of "7"

7 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

1) Disconnect 

Unfriend, unfollow, delete, block! Detach from your ex on all social platforms. You don’t need a constant reminder of his/her existence and hence you need to go away from them. 312 more words

Underground and Over the Top in the Hamptons

Finished basements have been a cost-effective way to increase living space, but builders in the Hamptons say restrictions have accelerated the trend.


I could be mistaken but I am pretty sure that this is called an ambush.
If this is love then there is definitely a dude, with a long white beard, on a golden throne, in the sky, with nothing else to do but jump to my defense when traffic is heavy on 75 and flick other people’s cars to the side since I called his name in a secret language. 258 more words


Doodling - 8/23/2016

I finish the Mega Raichus and go back to sketching my Overwatch comic. There wasn’t any doodling the day before because I ate too much when we went out to dinner and then I got motion sick on the drive back for some reason.

Completed Cotton Top

Ta-dah! I’ve finished my Beachcomber cotton top!

Capitalising on the satisfaction of finishing my socks, I was determined to complete another WIP before my motivation disappeared, and this seemed the most likely candidate. 133 more words

Bass X Tess 2

Oh, here’s something I’ve been sitting on for a while without uploading because I’ve got attention span issues.

Also, I’m not super keen on how the eyes came out? 18 more words

Blanket Number 3

An old German saying means: All good things are a number of 3. In that meaning I finished blanket number three. The last 2 days I didn’t do anything else than crocheting the last 27 patches and it took the whole day today to sew them and wave in all the ends. 177 more words