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Nirbhaya film: Solidarity is what we want, not a civilising mission

I am beset with a growing sense of unease at the global publicity campaign surrounding the release of a film by Leslee Udwin called India’s Daughter. 34 more words


Pattern: Committee Socks

We’ve done it, guys!  We’ve finished our socks.  The ones we started talking about way back in March.

You picked out the item, the style and even the colors.  116 more words


Degree finished!

Yesterday I presented my Bachelor’s Thesis and with this I finished my degree on Computer Science. I am not a Bachelor student anymore, I will have to update my about me page! 142 more words


It's Here!


… Is still not done yet.

Which is sort of frustrating, but at the same time I am holding a physical copy of it in my hands! 223 more words

Patchwork bag (+ pattern and tutorial)

My mum has a little squooshy bag she brought back from, I think, China (Edit: My sister tells me it was Korea), made of a patchwork of tiny silk squares. 540 more words



Oh my gosh, you guys, I actually finished something. It feels like it has been ages (and, according to Ravelry, it has been nearly two months!) since I finished anything, and it feels fantastic. 763 more words