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8 december: prpl!

Glitter Fir Cowl finished!

Can be worn with either side out. Just need to weave in the ends. Earlier this week, Sinterklaas evening to be precise, I was working on it while wearing the cuffs made of the same purple glitter yarn :) 108 more words


The Tempest

As part of my college work I produced a lighting design for The Tempest. For this i marked up the script, produced blob diagrams, produced lx plans and produced a visualisation file/renders. 10 more words


Finally finished 

At 58, 172 words I have finished the NaNoWriMo project…


Without the event at my back it was hard to finish the idea off, without that need to push the word count up and find that 1k of words a day… 46 more words


Pokécember – Day 7 – Ground

Not my best work. That left arm is too big and I didn’t feel like drawing the legs so I reasoned, “Golurk can fly by retracting its legs into its body, so it can do that just for the hell of it, like if it’s ‘sleeping’ or some such”. 27 more words

It Is Done.

Last night, December 6th at 8:50 pm, I wrote the last line of my first novel.

I typed my final word, saved my document and just stared at the screen.  624 more words

Panda Baby Quilt Made With a Friend

Around March/April a quilty girlfriend and I decided that our other pregnant quilty friend needed a baby quilt…as one does. She found this free pattern on the… 166 more words


Pokécember – Day 6 – Flying

There’s a lot of Flying-type Pokémon that I like (Hawlucha, Rowlet, Noctowl, Baile Oricorio…), but I decided to go with Noivern because I: a) really like Noivern and, b) wanted to save my Dragon-type for another Pokémon. 32 more words