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Doodling - 1/17/2017 + 1/18/2017

Painting a white brick wall under Corvo for the Dishonored thumbnail.

I have also come to the conclusion that I hate brick walls and I’m never drawing them again. 24 more words

When you feel anxious all the time

Hiyyah Everyone

Sometimes your the only people I feel I can turn too when I feel this way.

So the only place I used to feel safeish well less anxious was in my home, my house, my only comfort was my home. 488 more words

Finished Quilts

It’s done!

I was able to get the dining room table to myself for a few hours so that I could finish this up.

I think this might be the fastest I have ever finished a quilt, actually.   281 more words


I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t see it coming The end before the beginning

That’s how it is with you,

You suck me in just to chew me and spit me out when the taste is gone, … 13 more words

Poetry - LunaStyle

"White Elegant Coffee Table"

Who wants a boring coffee table when you can have a “shabby chic” one? The color is white for the “White Elegance Coffee Table.” It comes with clean graceful curves and a soft white finish. 21 more words



Yes, at long last, I’ve finished it. I started making it in June last year, but I actually created it before I made my Outlander blanket, so this has been a long time in coming. 528 more words