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After finishing my essay yesterday, I decided to use today to go back through what I have written and review it. Proof reading, editing and improving grammar etc. 102 more words

Hepatitis B

Today is a good day, I have finally completed writing my essay, citations and all! I feel so much relief after having a wee meltdown over my loss of references. 60 more words

Hepatitis B

Rocking Chair Adventures

Recently I was given my mum’s old sewing machine as she upgraded. I haven’t sewn in year and years so was keen to give it a go again. 233 more words


Reflecting Back

Inquiry Process

During the inquiry process, I ended up exploring a plethora of other essential questions I didn’t see myself exploring when I first started. My initial essential question was, “How are bridges built across water constructed to stay up?”, but the quantity of information that came along with researching that topic , ventured me off into researching other questions. 584 more words


What a weird tentacle monster.  Purple ink -> Entrail Pink -> Bubblegum pink skin.  Alien flesh head and spine.  Entrail Pink tentacles.


Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire (Alexia2)

horse is nightmare black and walnut brown, entrail pink on the “undead” parts.  alexia has imperial tunic, midnight blue/aquamarine blue cape, blackened steel armor, leather white hair and green ink+metal medium on the sword.  13 more words


Book Rediscovery: Read

So in collecting these books I also rediscovered a slew of books I had read but had no idea where they were. I was really happy to rediscover these and give them a place on my ‘read’ shelf. 2,780 more words