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The Hoop finish

It can be really effective to display your stitched work in a hoop, and so straightforward… the trick is to get the back right ;) Here’s a… 309 more words

Finishing Techniques

How to iron your stitching, when it's embellished with beads

Oh beads are soooo pretty , but when it comes to ironing your stitching, they can turn quite ugly and spoil the effect if you don’t go about it carefully. 264 more words


How to sew on the centrepiece of a biscornu

Have you ever sewn a crystal or a button in the centre of a biscornu…? If so, then chances are you’ve experienced the frustration of… 484 more words


How to stitch the outline of a biscornu

If you’re stitching something that has to be assembled biscornu style, and you hate having to count those endless stitches to make sure your square IS STILL a square by the time it’s done, then here’s a… 431 more words


This Week in the Shop: Milk Paint Finish & Oil+Acrylic Craft Paint

I’ve had three pieces recently come off the workbench recently.  I used a two low-toxicity finishing techniques to complete them.

I experimented with milk paint to complete my Simple Stool and Simple Bookshelf projects.  690 more words

This Week In The Shop

How to stop a lone stitch

If you’ve ever had to stitch a pesky stitch that stands like a Billy No-Mates in the middle of nowhere, you’ll know how tricky it is to start and stop it, without having anywhere to anchor your thread to. 219 more words


Backstrap Weaving - A Long Time Coming

Some projects take a long time to finish simply because I run out yarn and can’t add the finishing touches. Then I forget to buy the yarn and the piece gets stashed…out of sight, out of mind. 756 more words

Backstrap Weaving