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Backstrap Weaving - A Potpourri of Structures

Phew! I didn’t think I would get this post out today. The internet was out for most of the day… on again but really painfully slow, then off again. 2,329 more words

Backstrap Weaving

Backstrap Weaving - Making Do

I just love this picture and this weaver’s work space. Place all you tools on the warp, roll everything up and leave it hanging from the post to which it is anchored…the simplicity! 2,206 more words

Backstrap Weaving

Backstrap Weaving - Which Way is Up?

What kind of crazy person weaves with wool in a heat wave? Okay, I won’t dwell on that as I know that northern hemisphere folks are just as uncomfortable in a wave of cold weather right now. 1,912 more words

Backstrap Weaving

Backstrap Weaving - Silk, Stitches, Samples and Shed Rods.

I thought I would write a post between Christmas and New Year this week so that while everyone is relaxing between all the festivities, they might have time to go online and read. 2,349 more words

Backstrap Weaving

Backstrap Weaving - Color Catching

I have been washing all the pieces I have made with the cotton my friend Betty brought back from Guatemala. Two of the pieces were recently made and two were made quite some time ago. 1,014 more words

Backstrap Weaving

How good does the inside of your clothes look.

The true test of a good seamstress is one that will show you the wrong side of The creations
My little one has already soiled her new address and so now it’s hanging on the clothesline drying for its next day to wear. 104 more words


A Lesson In Blocking

Earlier this week I received a super-exciting parcel in the post…

“Playmats?” I hear you say. Why did she buy foam playmats? And why is she so excited about them? 632 more words