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3 Common Types of Metal Surface Finishing. 

In today’s post, we shall touch on the 3 most common types of metal surface finishing based on the number of demand from our clients. 165 more words

Wash and Pretreatment Enclosures From Reliant Finishing Systems

Increase your powder coating quality! Our stainless steel manual wash enclosures are an effective and affordable alternative to multi-stage washers. #powdercoating #powdercoat #industrialfinishing

Finishing Floating Blocks....on to the next...

Hooking done…..steaming done……now for the last step. Since this rug is intended for the floor, I want it to have a sturdy edge that will stand up over time….so I use both binding tape and whipping. 448 more words

Adapted Patterns

Thinking Of Refinishing Your Floor: Here Is What You Need To Know

Refinishing your floor can give it a glossy and attractive look. It can enliven your home and make it more welcoming. A proper refinish can make its appeal last for a very long time. 441 more words

Home Improvement

Done Good

I often have to remind myself that ‘done’ is better than ‘good’. It’s not that I like having a low standard for my work, but rather that if I’m not careful I can get so bogged down in making a project perfect that it never gets finished. 550 more words



Lighting is one thing we had really left along while we finished the construction. The electricians just fitted basic fittings and whatever bulbs they had to hand – basically whatever enabled the electrical work to pass the inspection – and we didn’t really touch anything until recently. 853 more words


Gants Hill Floor Sanding

Our services provide sanding and polishing to new and existing floors!