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semillas de yoga #13 - Incluir

Podemos relacionarnos con todo lo que sucede durante nuestra práctica como una oportunidad para practicar: pierdo el hilo y no sé si me toca pierna derecha o izquierda, empujo de más y me hago daño, me mareo al subir, deseo hacer lo que mi vecina puede hacer, me caigo, me da subidón lo bien que me siento en este asana, pienso en qué voy a cenar, de repente me pongo emocional y quiero llorar y no sé por qué… Todo esto no son obstáculos en nuestro camino, sino que son de lo que está hecho nuestro camino y nos ofrecen la posibilidad de ir más allá de una práctica meramente física, practicando consciencia y presencia en cualquier circunstancia. 74 more words


yoga seeds #13 - Including

Everything that happens during our practice can be related to as a chance to practise: I lose my thread and I don’t know if it’s right or left leg now, I push too hard and hurt myself, I get dizzy when I come up, I wish I could do what my neighbour can, I topple over, I get a kick of how good I feel in this asana, I think about what I’m going to have for dinner, I suddenly get emotional and want to cry and I don’t know why… These are not obstacles on our path, they are the things that our path is made of and they offer us the possibility of going beyond a merely physical practice, by practising awareness and presence in every circumstance. 74 more words


Is Willpower a Finite Resource?

Is willpower a finite resource?

Those familiar with Roy Baumeister’s research would likely agree.  They would advise people to eat breakfast and prioritize difficult tasks in the morning when willpower reserves are high. 911 more words


Keep Calm and Carry On

You have probably seen the posters, shirts and online memes that started popping up a few years ago that have a little crown symbol, and say “Keep Calm, and…“ then told you to do something.  1,602 more words


Matthew 16:20b

Dr. Who had an impossible girl, but do you have an impossible situation in your life? A loved one so far from God, so deceived or entrenched in sin that you cannot possibly imagine them coming to faith in Jesus–a situation so far beyond anything you could ever hope to fix that you are tempted to despair? 1,362 more words

The Lord renews the weary

Isaiah 40:27-31

Who can God be compared to, and what can measure up to His supreme power? Men make images of gold, and other precious elements, then adorn them with silver and fine stones. 560 more words

Disappointment and Hope

“We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.”