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Raining over wetness

Trapping moisture; snowing over snow, thus making it colder;
heat over heat, making one bolder! A brief and thin line,
signifying the motion of time, showing me briefly once again… 27 more words


Piece by Piecemeal (draft x draft)

A silver lining with a cloud beneath

Renting a face just to get the teeth

                          ‘Just Not Yet, Just Not Yet’

Oh yeah mein herr they… 210 more words


Finite and Infinite Lovers: Changing the Game of Love

by Gary Z McGee | Read more

“True love is the complete victory of the particular over the general, and the unconditional over the conditional.” – Naseem Nicholas Taleb… 2,079 more words



I am a number

There is infinitely many like me

But there can only be one me. 152 more words


finite specks.

We pale in comparison
to her majesty, The Universe.
The sea could swallow us whole
and the lands could crumble beneath our feet.
The sun, 55 more words

On Self-Expression.

There are no zeros in physics

I recently read an article by Joseph Ford: “How random is a coin toss?” (1983). In it, Ford talks about the relation between completely deterministic systems and the seemingly random behaviour they sometimes produce. 697 more words



Do you ever have one of those moments where you just feel what it is to be finite? I had one this morning driving around a lake that I’ve passed at least once a week every single week of my life. 101 more words