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Airless Shot Blasting Tip 5

5. Monitor Your Abrasive Removal Size

Blast media, within the “working mix” eventually has a finite size to achieve your required process, after which time it will not perform to the required standard. 90 more words

Airless Shot Blasting Tips

Earth’s groundwater mostly unrenewable in human time

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❝An international team of hydrologists has found that much of the Earth’s groundwater isn’t renewable within a human lifetime after mapping out the important resource…❞

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Finite. Beginning and an end. Everything has it. Life as we know it will end some day. There’s two options when we think about how everything will end. 510 more words


Last Minute Flipside-Approved Halloween Costume Ideas

By: Flipside Staff

According to a recent poll, as many as 30 percent of Americans have yet to pick out their Halloween costumes this year. We here at… 429 more words

Where Is Your Focus?

GOD, in HIS infinite wisdom, gave us eyes in the front of our heads so that we could look forward to our future, but many of us keep turning around and looking back into our pasts and the pasts of others and in so doing, lose focus of the purpose of our journey on this earth.

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