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Infinity and Eternity

New Christian Bible Study

The word “finite” means that something has limits or boundaries. It comes from the same root word as finish, as in the finish line in a race. 360 more words


Sometimes I can’t stop writing.

It’s as though the words are at war with each other in my head, about who gets to ‘get out’ first- this is difficult, because structuring sentences in between these flurries of fighting words, is quite the task. 641 more words


Time of Finites

Time passes,

People fade,

Daily days,

Flowers withering to dust,

Memories forgotten unto time

Finite, Unpredictable and Brief #3

It’ been awhile since I’ve last heard the silence that could pierce a heart. It’s probably the only reason why I tried to open my eyes. 1,026 more words

Hello. How are you doing? Well, I hope.

I’m sleepless. Like always. It’s 11.34 PM of April 17. Trust me, it is relevant to the topic I wanna write about.

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Finite and infinite regions defined by n lines in the plane

It is well known result in plane geometry: The maximum number of regions defined by n lines in the plane is R(n) = n(n+1)/2 +1. Of course, there are not any parallel pair from these lines. 220 more words

Triangle Geometry



Storms gather

Clouds erupt

Wind is howling


Life to interrupt.

Chill mounting

Breath exposed

Flesh drenched

Force unopposed.


Of power and place… 166 more words

Another Day Someday