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That assumed within the intellectual mind, a curious entity containing the vast idiocy of man, is approaching that embedded in mystery. Unfortunate are those assigning themselves a reality that is overwhelmed by the delusional aspect of that unknown, or does one accept same in the darkness of pretentious light? 33 more words

Road to Regex: To Make a Machine

Having gone through how finite state machines (finite automata for the geekier ones) work, it’s time to generate one given any regular expression. So far, the finite automata used in all illustrations were manually hand-crafted, with the finest, diamond-tipped tools (that is my pen and paper). 990 more words

At the rate things were going,

Finding anything to hold on to

Was the only way to get through

And not be overwhelmed completely.

Or so he thought before learning…

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Lodovica Comello - audition quaaaasi finite!! #IGT... #TrumpNarratesPlanetEarth

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“is what makes life so valuable” because you know it’s finite, despite the times you feel infinite. And the infinite moments are so finite, aren’t they? 31 more words

Road to Regex: A Simple Machine

We humans are generally a lazy bunch. But our laziness has motivated us to invent more and more clever ways to help us complete mundane tasks as fast as possible. 1,684 more words

A Fresh Start

So, I have returned to blogging. It has been a while since I last typed something for the fun of it. However, this blog is unlike my other blogs. 582 more words