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The morning sky
The wet grass
They’re infinite.

In number, in presence
In space and being
They are uninhibited.

Onism*, sorrow,
A nagging feeling
I am not enough… 88 more words


the Last day

By Cathy Lee

​You know it’s coming, it’s last

But what do you do knowing in advance?
Foreshadowing the hurt to come,
The crumbling sense of loss… 118 more words


Proof: any element of a group of prime order generates the group

Let be a group of prime order . It will be shown that for any with it holds that where is the set generated by and is the identity element of . 101 more words


And then my friend said

You’re not a container full of finite sand that you spent

Am I not?

Am I an infinity?

I wonder. I don’t know the answer to this but what I do know is that she is true.

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Road to Regex: To Make a Machine

Having gone through how finite state machines (finite automata for the geekier ones) work, it’s time to generate one given any regular expression. So far, the finite automata used in all illustrations were manually hand-crafted, with the finest, diamond-tipped tools (that is my pen and paper). 990 more words

At the rate things were going,

Finding anything to hold on to

Was the only way to get through

And not be overwhelmed completely.

Or so he thought before learning…

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Lodovica Comello - audition quaaaasi finite!! #IGT... #TrumpNarratesPlanetEarth

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