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The Perspective of Perfection

Only non-divine entities define perfection. Perfection, by its very nature, is a matter of comparison, if only with a Platonic image in the mind. From God’s perspective, He simply is, without comparison, perfection, and what He “speaks” in creation, each and every leaf, rock, tsunami, fire, hydrocephalic child is perfect, unique, as He knows it, loves it into being. 185 more words


It's a Beautiful Life: Akif Kichloo

Despite all the crappy things that happen in this world, I have since a few years ago maintained the sentiment that no matter what happens, life, in its purest forms and moments, is beautiful. 240 more words



12:42AM. Sitting at my work desk, listening to John Mayer, sipping on my tea, reflecting back on life…..

If someone was to tell me what was the most important piece of wisdom I ever conveyed in my life, i would say, without a doubt… 1,256 more words


Finite Focus

This appears to be some kind of alpine flower that has yet to fully bloom, but I find beauty in its seemingly finite delicate structure. There is something miraculous and amazing about how many incalculable pieces make up the whole of life. 75 more words



All I strive for is to count. For my finite life to love on in this infinite world. But I know it’s too much to ask for. 30 more words