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The Finite Difference Between Acute and Chronic

I still remember the first thing said at my two-month pain clinic. This could be partly due to the fact I took it twice (due to my father’s passing); however, it is mostly because of the impact that it made on all of us. 564 more words


Quote of the week: Week of Sept 18, 2017

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Even a Heart of Blue

I want to tell you
While I can
Without fear
I would love you
In a heartbeat
With every beat
And every breath
I will ever draw… 117 more words


before the sun goes down

unexpected tears sting my eyes
as I walk through the churchyard
my spirit inhales the bittersweet taste of home
beneath this sanctuary of towering trees… 54 more words

Spiritual Formation

My Heart

Brilliant blue sky

Clear cloudless September morning

Today, now, then

World shaken


Turmoil and questions

My heart

Today, now, then

Search, recover, rebuild

Defiance, strength, faith… 109 more words

Refind Nature

#writephoto : Whatever Floats Your Boat – This, That, and The Other

“It sort of reminds me of a sphinx,” Dora said looking up at the cloud partially blocking the setting sun.

“To me it looks like a merry-go-round horse,” Alicia replied. 121 more words


The Waiting Game

It’s cool, but not cold,

It’s light, yet a little dark.

I’m standing waiting.

Once again in a game where

There are no solo players. 397 more words