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Divine Mortality: When gods die

Another bit of meta: Why do gods die?

There’s two questions wrapped up in that, one data-gathering and theory-building. The first is diagnostic: in what books, under what circumstances, which gods, which characters, what reasons, and with what results do gods die? 530 more words


Is Suffering Finite?

Suffering is eternal. We must continue our endeavour towards happiness but experience the high tides that come with it. To bask in the crashing waves and embrace change…but what if I can’t? 280 more words

Chronic Illness

Infinite Hats I

Now—Ten thousand, and ten thousand times ten thousand (for matter and motion are infinite) are the ways by which a hat may be dropped upon the ground, without any effect.—Had he flung it, or thrown it, or cast it, or skimmed it, or squirted, or let it slip or fall in any possible direction under heaven,—or in the best direction that could be given to it,—had he dropped it like a goose—like a puppy—like an ass—or in doing it, or even after he had done, had he looked like a fool,—like a ninny—like a nicompoop—it had fail’d, and the effect upon the heart had been lost.

1,443 more words

Hats and Hamming Codes

On Monday, we considered some basic puzzles involving finite number of hats. We continue these investigations here with a slightly more involved puzzle. This puzzle is due to Todd Ebert and appeared in his 1998 PhD thesis. 1,869 more words


Count me out

Some of my reading is frustrating. Why? Because it states the obvious.

So, for instance I learnt, and don’t shoot the messenger because the message is blindingly clear: We have twenty four hours a day. 205 more words

Human Condition

For the Moments


Such a shame for the moments: finite.
That’s why they focus on tonight.
Heat and rage over something simple
Juxtaposition-ing themselves to a cripple. 66 more words


I will never do it all

I love travel. It was seeded when I used to farewell my grandparents year after year at the airport as they departed for yet another exotic location. 217 more words

Musings On Life