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Lumiretki Pomponrahkaan

Nyt liikutaankin hieman erilaisissa metsämaisemissa kuin viime postauksissa – kotoisasti Suomen Turussa. En ollut vielä koskaan käynyt kaupungin pohjoisosassa sijaitsevalla Pomponrahkan luonnonsuojelualueella, joten asia oli eräänä aurinkoisena talvipäivänä korjattava. 236 more words


Sov boyfriends on exchange

I’m gonna need a social construct makeover to survive finland

hahaaa jealousy takes over but will it fck u like it means it?

Long distance reunion sex the temptation not to bite their balls for not skyping… 37 more words


Team Finland: Are you Living the Brand?

Donna M. Roberts

While recently researching a topic online, I came across a blog about the phenomena of ‘nation branding’ in Finland, which described a cosy and yet clearly absurd scene of one hundred marketing executives gathering in the Sea Horse restaurant in Helsinki a few years ago to discuss what elements of Finnish national character should be promoted as part of the nation-branding initiative. 1,593 more words

'Did I mention the cows wear bras?' - a week in Finland

Check out my travelogue of Finland, titled ‘The Cows Wear Bras In Finland’ here. (Note: I’m not lying! They do! Nothing too risqué, and nothing lacy, but they need udder support and stuff… insert long, awkward pause here. 2,361 more words