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Finland's Basic Income Experiment Will End in 2019

Finland’s universal basic income experiment will end next year, and lawmakers there are quietly moving toward a different welfare approach.

The basic income program in Finland, which was praised as cutting edge when it was announced, pays $690 to 2,000 Finns each month, with no conditions. 366 more words


The Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

I went to the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden for a class that was supposed to be great but wasn’t. But hey, I got some pictures!

The Botanic Garden is both a Glasshouse ( 277 more words


Holiday on ice

After the birds and the northern lights, let me show you the rest of our trip in Lapland. Between Ivalo and Karasjok, we saw, well… mostly snow and trees, but also magical lights. 331 more words


10 stereotypes you are sure to find when watching Eurovision

The Eurovision song contest has been alive for more than 60 years but some things never change. In every Eurovision there is a range of characters that are always present. 741 more words

Finland is the best country in world - 30 reasons

I am so proud of my home country! <3 Finland is the best country in the world. How great news is this? Why Finland is the creates country on the earth? 716 more words



We went hiking one day and I spotted this beautiful solid rock at Porkkalanniemi, Finland. Such an amazing nature we have.