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Circling the bowl . . . (or, Fun with italics . . )

In the immortal words of Jason Dean in the acclaimed 1988 cinematic masterpiece Heathers, “Greetings and salutations.”

Let’s take a moment to assess where your Lost Souls stand in terms of life, the universe, and everything. 553 more words

It turns out they are Boston Irish lads

It turns out they are Boston Irish lads—my god they sound so totally full on Irish Irish. Not a trace of American in their accent. My god they can drink. 45 more words

Finnegan's---a proper Irish pub

Finnegan’s—a proper Irish pub. Full of a bunch of Irish lads—probably only 6 or 7, but they make the pub sound full. Irish lads really are crazy, aren’t they? 54 more words

Top Five Wellness Ways to Be Irish

1.  Get Lucky Half Marathon & 7 K

Start and finish at Saint Paul’s Union Depot with the fun, festive, and friendly Get Lucky Half Marathon with Team Ortho! 272 more words

2:7 Scimitar: How it will all end (11/5/2014)

@JBlitz I predict that in the last episode of the show, Red #1 will ‘allow’ Liz #2 to kill him. With the other Blacklisters dead, that will be the end of his journey of redemption. 61 more words


Recomendaciones Octubre: Parte II

Aún no lo logro con los títulos, pero acá les comparto como es costumbre las producciones que recomiendo esta semana. Y esta vez son 7 EPs y álbumes porque simplemente no me pude decidir. 648 more words


Beer Exploration of the Week - Summer Sips

As you can tell, it’s been well over a year since my last beer exploration.

No, I am not saying it’s been over a year since I’ve had a beer – who do you think I am?! 1,044 more words