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friday flash - i used to hear the avalanches

i used to hear the avalanches, i used to hear the screams of the dead wood; i used to listen for the distant rumbling of a mind that refused, i used to quiver at the prospect of hearing the sound made by the world when it stopped turning; i used to hear the rip, i used to hear the glacier tear through that which was deemed impassable, i used to hear the wake; i used to hear the dull dead silence ravaged; that which I heard is no more, for all i hear now is drip drip drip drip drip


Fundraising in Winston-Salem Gets Hair-Raising!

Just when I thought I had seen every idea on the planet for fundraisers, another even more imaginative fundraiser emerges. The idea here is hair-raising!  Forget the walk-a-thon, the chocolate sales and eating at certain restaurants on certain nights. 332 more words


The Great Guinness Toast...Brilliant!!

Often in my obsession with Ireland I find some really neat things.  I made one such discovery last week while looking at the annual events page for  401 more words



Def: (gr/am/pd)–A wandering person who is both connected and disconnected from the rest of the world, surviving due to the advances and advantages of sophisticated, modern technology. 513 more words


Stalking is not the way to my heart

I admit, I have a decent sized list of turn-offs, at times, I can be excessively picky. So, the list of ways to turn me off is fairly long. 333 more words

About last night...

Why, oh why, oh why do I continue to go out in this town?  It is always a bad choice.  To recap last night, I decided to do a girls’ night out with my friend from law school (whom we shall call “E”).  603 more words