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It comes down to practice.

Yesterday, I talked my husband into just speaking Finnish to me for the day. There was a lot of asking him to repeat slowly (hitasti) and me trying to translate in English what he was saying. 258 more words

Now it hit me, culture shock


Culture shock hit me yesterday

I was so annoyed because of the traffic in Galway/Ireland. I never know when I can cross the street and will the traffic light change or not? 474 more words

No reason

Retrospective………Logomo Cafè, in Turku, Finland underwent an installation in 2011, by a German artist Tobias Rehberger in collaboration with modernist Nordic furniture company, Artek called “Nothing Happens for a Reason”.  255 more words


Knorrestrasse Chronicles #4

I had a roommate for two months who was Finnish. I do not mean this in the American way of “oh, I’m Finnish and my triple great grandma was born in Finland in 1770.” (A personal pet peeve of mine, cause if that Passport is blue and that Birth Certificate says USA, you are just plain old American) 235 more words


Oppi suomi: alaston päiväkirja

Päivän suomen oppiminen :D 每天都要小小的複習一下芬蘭文。今天的題材是自我感覺良好的小帥哥班傑明分享他怎麼看他因為Instagram竄紅的故事。

Alaston päiväkirja: Benjamin Peltonen

Instagramista. Alun perin Instagramin kautta julkisuuteen noussut Benjamin analysoi suosionsa syytä. Pelkääkö nuori artisti, että hänet on leimattu pelkästään kauniiksi kasvoiksi? 88 more words

The Kalevala

MASTERED by desire impulsive,
By a mighty inward urging,
I am ready now for singing,
Ready to begin the chanting
Of our nation’s ancient folk-song… 113 more words


Very autumn - like spring

Spring in Finland isn’t too bright and colourful (yet at least), but
I thought I would share a couple of photos that we
took a week back! 12 more words