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[InterviewBlack Twig

Black Twig has always had a casual way about them, a laid-back approach to everything they do from their m

the shyness of Finnish people. This characteristic seem to be applied to bands and musicians. 1,303 more words


Näkymättömät planeetat / Invisible Planets

Hannu Rajaniemi, suom. Sarianna Silvonen
Gummerus Kustannus2016 (fin)
Tachyon Publications 2015 (orig)
376 sivua/pages

Hannu Rajaniemen Näkymättömät planeetat oli minulle ensimmäinen kosketus miehen tuotantoon. Ja se olikin lähes henkeäsalpaava kokemus. 556 more words


Moomins in London!


It was a sunny Monday. I was supposed to study but looking outside that weather made me feel I cannot miss this chance to go out and enjoy the sun. 85 more words


FEELS’ New Single “Gates” Is Your Entrance To Synthphoria

Finnish electro duo, FEELS, released another goosebumps-triggering song, “Gates.” It is a delicately arranged and texturally mixed ambient song that accentuates the melodic DNA of FEELS. 119 more words


Finns receiving compliments and gifts

Finns are funny creatures when receiving a compliment. As other people would just smile and say thank you, a Finn usually finds a way to somehow belittle her own contribution to the given praise. 359 more words


Finland 100: The year of the hunger

Leaving everything behind is not always a free choice – this isn’t the year of the hare, the open road doesn’t necessarily lead to freedom. When hunger and death drive you out of your home in the depths of winter, you might not get very far at all. 324 more words


Nightless night's sleeping school

Spring is fast approaching and then comes the bright nights of summer months. Nightless night is a magical phenomenon as the light is beautiful and softly eerie. 174 more words