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Noora Louhimo: The next album will be 100% Heavy Metal

In February 2017, the Finnish Battle Beast latest album, Bringer Of Pain was brought to the stores’ shelves, with which the band achieved incredible success. Noora Louhimo, the band’s singer, has betrayed her work on their new material, whose songs are in a demo stage. 77 more words


Lempo Finnish Fire Deity

Lempo Finnish deity of fire and fertility.

Who is Lempo?

According to Finnish and Karelian Folklore Lempo was considered an evil spirit.

Lempo is the Finnish god/goddess of fire and sexuality of dual genders. 192 more words


Songs that take me way back!

Came across this Finnish artist yesterday and wow.. it took me way back in time. Don’t know why I forget about these beautiful songs which mean so much to me.


Secret passages under my hometown

When someone writes about the streets where you live, you feel immediately predisposed towards them. You want to like everything they say, and even if you don’t like it, you will certainly have an opinion. 298 more words


“Music begins where the possibilities of language end”

“Music begins where the possibilities of language end”

Jean Sibelius, Finnish, composer


[Finnish] Helsingin näyttelyvinkit toukokuulle

Ihanaa, kevät on saapunut kaupunkiin. On aika heittää talvitakit kaapin nurkkaan, kirmata ulos ja vallata museo! Ohessa kymmenen poimintaa Helsingin näyttelyistä kevättä piristämään! 115 more words


You can find me beyond the black stump (Well it's not actually that far)

Viime sunnuntaina oli Commonwealth Games -festivaalin viimeinen päivä. Käytiin kuuntelemassa Esplanadilla The Cat Empire -yhtyettä. Tunnistin lopulta jopa yhden biisin. Sitä voi kuunnella tästä samalla kun lukee tämän viikon positiivista blogia. 403 more words