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The End of June 2015

30/06/2015 Tuesday np: Ed Sheeran – X

Monday and Tuesday off from work. I’m having the flu and and hate this. I don’t want to be ill. 283 more words

Crayfish - Rapu

The Crayfish is a thing of beauty, a small freshwater “lobster”. When, in the depths of the Finnish archipelago, I first came across  vast piles of  bright orange and ruby crayfish piled high on plates on wooden tables, glinting in the midsummer sun – the air mellow with the smell of the all-pervasive Dill that smothered the crayfish and fragranced their cooking broth, I was smitten. 340 more words



A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”
Coco Chanel,


"Karjalanpiirakka" Finnish Karelian Pasties - a little indulgence from memories

I spent much of mid-Twenties in Finland. These tasty little pies were available in every supermarket and from street vendors, and there was little better than a hot Karjalanpiirakka clutched in your hands when it was -20 degrees C, well possibly beaten only by the deeply satisfying “lihapirrakka” (meat pasties) served by the vendor in Helsinki Harbour  – where the steam condensing in the freezing air from the little “kioski” was all but irresistible (I wonder if that stand is still there?). 313 more words