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In Finland, Baseball Is Different

Bill Littlefield, at Only a Game on WBUR radio, got a lesson in the subtleties of Finnish baseball when he interviewed the Wall Street Journal… 302 more words

Not all nurses are "sairaanhoitaja" - a template problem!

A client asked me to correct my SPC translation about “the nurse / healthcare professional who is taking the x-ray” so that it includes the template term for nurse, “sairaanhoitaja”. 90 more words


Guilty or Not Guilty – a Finn on Jury Service

Did you know that I cannot vote in British Parliamentary elections but I can throw British people into jail? No? Neither did I, until I got my jury summons! 669 more words


A comment on the OV derivation

I’ll make a brief comment about the OV derivation hypothesis that was discussed in few blogs below, before I forget the matter. Anne Vainikka pointed out in an earlier post that if there is no OV derivation, then (1) might be a problem. 457 more words