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Runobattle: Ruuhkavuodet

Puhelimessani on 18 herätystä aamuksi

Työsähköpostissani on 400 ihmistä, joille juttelen viikottain

Jääkaapissani on viisi vanhentunutta juotavaa jukurttia, kolme huonoa banaania ja lukuisia muistoja viime kuulta… 45 more words


Disappearing Frieda.

My friend gave me a cartoon character after I liked his Facebook status. (It was some kind of a game that I didn’t continue). I got Frieda from… 631 more words



What better way to view a city than to view all of it at once? At Linnanmaki (the amusement park) there is a free ride that offers a panomaric view of Helsinki. 339 more words


Olen Insinööri.

I went to Portland for a meeting at HDC on Tuesday with a couple of coworkers. It was kind of lame because I had to miss the first Fresh Meat Training session on the 6th, but the trip wasn’t terrible and I learned a lot about Spec writing. 3,931 more words

Direction: General Conference and Traffic Control

The Lord rewards those who do what he asks! We miraculously fulfilled all of our responsibilities this week and it was better than ever before! 1,394 more words