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El Tresillo and la Panesa

One thing lead to another. These wines are a long time in the bodega and then survive a laughably short time once within arms reach. … 156 more words


Sherry meets Rioja.

Tasting this sherry I could recognise the similarity between a traditional oaked white Rioja and sherry, the oxidising process being the link. The sherry was the Fino Bodegas Tradicion which R. 235 more words

Posted By Geoff

Barajuela class of 2013

I discovered during the lockdown that I had managed to squirrel away quite a few bottles of la Barajuela and ever since had been looking for an occasion to crack some open, so when I was invited over to dinner by some friends recently I seized my opportunity. 232 more words


The Daily Haiku - 21st Weekly Theme Cheese 3/ Spider


Cheese 3

I like Dutch cheese, Edam and Gouda, I like
Brie, Roquefort, and Tomme.

French cheeses all, then Spanish Manchego with
Fino, Zamorano, … 13 more words

La Panesa

Taking it to the next level

More from my mixed case of Emilio Hidalgo wines aka bodega party pack. The Hidalgo Fino is a serious little Jerez-style fino in its own right but when I have one open more often than not it gets to share some glass time side by side with its big brother, and that is not a comparison that many wines can live with. 244 more words



Now this is an expansion of the COVID acronym that you must have never thought of. But before you go about complimenting me on the witty full form, I will ask you to divert your commendations to Rishi Gupta, the MD & CEO of… 269 more words


Fino, Emilio Hidalgo

The Fino from Emilio Hidalgo is not a wine you see around – not released widely by the bodega and only available in a handful of places, I was able to pick one up as part of a mixed case. 74 more words