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Small acts of disappearance

It’s rare I do this – buy a book I’ve borrowed. But this one I wanted to keep. Fiona Wright’s essays on hunger in… 419 more words


On Small Acts of Disappearance by Fiona Wright

I first found this book on Kate Forsyth’s blog on a list of books that she was reading. Wait. Have Jody and I mentioned our teensy obsession with Kate Forsyth? 586 more words

Book Review

Hunger pains, anorexia and poetry

The connection between women and hunger is not as easy to make as, say, women and dieting, or women and body image, but there is connectivity. 938 more words

Adult Fiction

Delicious descriptions: Fiona Wright on writing and hunger

In my recent review of Fiona Wright’s Small acts of disappearance, I focused on her analysis and her experience of anorexia, but, as I mentioned in the review, she was, already, a published writer. 621 more words

Australian Literature

Fiona Wright, Small acts of disappearance (Review)

It would be a rare person these days, from Western cultures anyhow, who didn’t have some brush with an eating disorder, whether through a friend, a family member, or personal experience. 1,199 more words

Australian Literature

The 2016 Stella Prize shortlist

In the early hours of the morning London time, the shortlist for the 2016 Stella Prize was announced in Australia. I made a stab at guessing what would be on it beforehand — on the… 191 more words

2016 Stella Prize

Overland 220 and my November rhyme #6

Jacinda Woodhead (editor), Overland 220 (Winter 2015)

Almost a third of this Overland is given over to the winners of the inaugural Overland NUW Fair Australia Prize: two essays, two short stories, a poem and a cartoon. 597 more words