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Etiquette of Reciting and Listening to the Qur'an: ibn 'Uthaymeen

On the radio program, Fataawaa Noor ‘alaa al-Darb, sheikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen was asked the following question:

السؤال: بارك الله فيكم فضيلة الشيخ ونحن نتحدث عن عظم هذا القرآن العظيم لا شك أن لتلاوة القرآن الكريم آداب يجب أن يتحلى بها القارئ والمستمع حدثونا عن هذا مأجورين؟ ـ

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Kitaab us-Siyaam min Bulugh al-Maram

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🔘 شرح کتاب الصیام

من بلوغ المرام

🔘 Explanation of The Book of Fasting from Bulugh al-Maram
🖊 Compiled By: Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani رحمه الله 69 more words


Fiqh of Fasting: How to Make the Fast Last

Fiqh of Fasting: How to Make the Fast Last (Part 1)

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani covers the key points of performing a sound and valid fast in Ramadan, through explaining the fiqh of fasting. 58 more words

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Stoning for adultury, amputation for theft, death for apostasy, etc

The topic of the implementation of hudud punishments is often something that many Muslims themselves don’t know their way around, especially when answering questions of intelligent people. 742 more words


Day Twenty-Four: The Fiqh of Fasting

In case this is your first year fasting (in which case, welcome, leave me a comment, I am always happy to meet fellow converts or returnees) or maybe you just need a refresher. 86 more words


Women performing Salah in congregation adjacent to men and the validity of the men’s Salah

Women performing Ṣalāh in congregation adjacent to men and the validity of the men’s Ṣalāh


We have a mosque attended by people who follow various different schools of thought. 223 more words




Assalamua’laikum….ustadz… sy mau tanya apa boleh seorang istri pergi dgn rombongan teman2 tanpa suami utk menginap dan rekreasi. Tapi suaminya mengijinkan. Syukron
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