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Assalam ustaz, isteri saya ada masalah asma, tahun lepas masa bulan ramadhan dia terpaksa guna inhaler lebih kurang 3 – 4 hari. Saya confuse sebab ada yang cakap tak batal puasa tu ****** bukan mazhab syafiie. 379 more words


Chapter on Fasting in the Qur'an - part 1: Imam al-Sa'di

In his book of thematic tafsir, Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Naasir al-Sa’di devoted a series of chapters to the acts of worship and interactions, as they are described throughout the Qur’an. 1,931 more words


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Noble Shaykh ʿAlī bin Ghāzī at-Tuwayjirī حفظه الله, Teacher in the Faculty of the Holy Qur’ān, Department of Tafseer, Jāmi’ah Islāmiyyah of Madīnah, will be conducting classes this weekend details of which are as given below: 82 more words


Salah behind Wahabies (Fatwa from Hazrat Allamah Shah Turaabul Haq Saheb)

Q:      Can the people, who go to perform Hajj, pray Salah behind the Imam who happens to be someone that does not follow any of the four Imams? 1,175 more words

Islamic History

Method of Salaatut Tasbeeh (Hanafi & Shafe’i)

Salaatut Tasbeeh is a means of limitless virtues.  Some great scholars have even mentioned that none shall abandon it but one who is careless of Islam. 723 more words