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Visual Analysis of Time-lapse Photos with Anomaly Detection of Wild Fires

Time-lapse photography is referred to as the technique of capturing photographs at time intervals much longer than movies. Whereas movies typically have 33 images (AKA frames) per second, time-lapse photographs are images captured at every minute (or even longer time periods). 384 more words

Fires in History: Southampton Mill Building

The story of the fire at the historic Southampton Solent Flour Mills is a recent one that took place on August 8, 2014.

Fire crews were called to the iconic Southampton building on the West Docks at about 10am on the morning of the fire. 201 more words

Fire Detection

Implementing A Good Fire Detection System

If you are a contractor planning on establishing a fire detection system in a building, it is important for you to carefully analyse the overall structure and determine what areas are the most dangerous points for a fire. 167 more words

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Do you need Fire Sprinkler Systems?

Bayteck Holdings can help.

We offer the following:
Automatic Fire Sprinkler Installations
– Fire Hydrant and Hose Reels… 31 more words

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[Interview] Berry Lin, Co-founder and CEO of Thunder Sensing


About Thunder Sensing:

1. Where did the idea for your startup come from?

Our idea comes from fire disasters such as the Ala night club incident in Taichung, March 2011. 561 more words


Alarms and Detection

Bayteck Fire cc is a pure fire detection specialist protecting your high value assets and critical processes. We provide you with a fully integrated fire detection system ensuring no issues left for you to sort out. 349 more words

Fire Alarms

What Does A Cow Have To Do With Fire Prevention Week?

“One dark night, when people were in bed,
Mrs. O’ Leary lit a lantern in her shed,
The cow kicked it over, winked its eye, and said, 298 more words