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Fire Emblem: Awakening - Gaius Cosplay, Part 1

My Gaius cosplay is the first cosplay that I’ve actually documented (most of) my progress. For any future Gaius cosplayers, perhaps this can be of use to you~! 894 more words


Wanting to Make a Youtube Channel + (HORRIBLE) Lucina Drawing Attempt

Hai ppls!

As you noticed from the titled (give or take the last part….) I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO want to make a youtube channel based on anything random! 166 more words


FE : Love Awakening #2 – Olivia ♥ Vaike, the teacher/schoolgirl fantasy (?)

Yes indeed, it is time for some more Love Awakening. Now, as promised, let us talk about my second pairing: Vaike & Olivia.

I must say, I did not end up being overly fond of that one. 670 more words

A Beastie Life

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Part 3: Characters

The last post for this game will focus on characters. Fire Emblem as a series is known for having memorable characters. I’ll point out a few that I liked both from a gameplay and from a story perspective. 1,454 more words


FE : Love Awakening #1 - Sully ♥ Kellam, the magnetic polarities

So it appears I have recently developed an addiction for the Intelligent Systems, Nintendo SPD title Fire Emblem : Awakening. And when I say addiction I mean a I-will-sleep-with-your-picture-and-see-you-in-my-dreams addiction. 671 more words

Fire Emblem

This Is Fire Emblem Awakening

Strategy games are not my wheelhouse.  My competency with the genre fluctuates at points depending on the sub-genre a particular game falls under, though the shortcomings I face have a tendency to be consistent across the board.   1,616 more words

Video Game

Fire Emblem: Awakening - Part 2: Chapters

Pair Up

Alright, time for some stories from my runs of this game. First, I want to explain my two runs. On the first run, I saw Normal mode was described as being “for beginners” and heard some similar sentiments online so I decided I was a bad enough dude to try Hard mode. 2,070 more words