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I Just Don't Get Being Salty About Fire Emblem Warriors Right Now

  1. Saying that the roster had to be locked to mostly characters from the most popular games of their respective times (Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates) because Fire Emblem could potentially have “Too many sword users” or something to that effect, then revealing already seven sword wielders in the main cast you play as (the original characters, Chrom, Xander, Ryoma, Marth, and Corrin) is extremely hypocritical at the moment.
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Dynasty Warriors 9 'History. Reborn' trailer.

Koei Tecmo have dropped a new trailer for their upcoming PS4 hack and slash game, Dynasty Warriors 9.

The trailer shows off a variety of locations and the new day night cycles, as well as some gameplay. 153 more words


[Update] Version 1.1 of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is Available Now

Own a 3DS, love the Fire Emblem series and can’t get enough of Shadows of Valentia? Well it’s time to update your beloved title as version… 46 more words


The Best Selling Games for May 2017 Have Been Revealed

There are a few surprise contenders!

May was a pretty good month for video games, with releases across all platforms, including new games like Prey… 353 more words

Love Wins with Fire Emblem Fates

“You know I’m not ashamed of the way I dress, Corrin. And I feel I should show that confidence and pride in public. The only way the world will grow more… 1,288 more words


Shipping Emblem: Conquest

Over a year after I had finished Birthright, I finally returned to Fire Emblem: Fates to finish Conquest.


Initially, I had started… 717 more words

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