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Opinion: Fire Emblem Fates

To clarify about the title, it’s in essence a review of the game. But, I do not consider myself a professional or even unprofessional reviewer, so I chose to avoid the word. 1,040 more words

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Fire Emblem Echoes

Nintendo┬árelease of another trailer of fire emblem Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. ┬áI didn’t get a pre-order the special edition version, but hey Amazon has that 20% for all prime members! 399 more words


[VGM Theory] The "Fire Emblem Theme" ...and Variations.

Creating contrast to tell a story – in the world of VGM arranging, this is both the arranger’s and the performer’s job. Working with NSM updater Latios212 on his “Fire Emblem Theme” showed me the beauty of that. 2,010 more words

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[Event] Grand Hero Michalis is Ready for Battle! Are You? (Fire Emblem Heroes)

A few days ago we had the preview event, but now it is time for the real thing. The battle against Michalis has begun.

As always, to challenge… 448 more words

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Fire Emblem Heroes

I’d been a stranger to the Fire Emblem games before I bought Awakening a couple years ago and I LOVED it! I’ve been a fan of tactical RPGs since high school though, so it was no real surprise that I really enjoyed Fire Emblem. 375 more words

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[Event] Tough Times Await in Fire Emblem Heroes Thanks to Newly Added Lunatic Quests

With Fire Emblem Heroes ever continuing to be the game that keeps on giving with constant content, yet another event has gotten underway and it will test players mettle! 280 more words

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birth of a conqueror

After some hesitation, I finally began my Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest playthrough. I figured, if I had plans of playing more RPGs like Bravely Second, Dragon Quest VIII, and that upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes game, I might as well deal with my Fates backlog as soon as possible. 222 more words

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