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Audrey's Top 30 Fire Emblem Characters (Part 2)

Dear Jess,

You might be able to guess from the title what this article will be about. I’m continuing my countdown of the top 30 Fire Emblem characters. 4,324 more words

Fire Emblem Awakening

Everybody already knows about Fire Emblem Awakening. It’s gotten high ratings from every review site ever. We all know what it is, but I wanna talk about it anyways and why I  846 more words

Fire Emblem

Guys, today is Chrom’s birthday. I’d say, Why am I not seeing anything about this!? but then I remember that I’m avoiding pretty much everything about the game as I haven’t completed it yet…..

Excited for Fire Emblem If

Fire Emblem.

Just those two words invoke many different images in the minds of fans of this series. Swords, anime visuals, swords, grid fields full of amazing scenery, swords, and of course enemies aplenty. 422 more words


Fragments and Updates

I have a couple of hitherto unpublished DAGGY TALES. It’s a style of writing I don’t feel I’ll be moving forward with, for reasons I’ve… 1,071 more words


Henry (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Henry adalah salah satu karakter dari game 3ds Fire Emblem Awakening. Awalnya dia adalah anggota pasukan Plegia (negara musuh) sebelum akhirnya bergabung dengan pasukan kita. Default class Henry adalah Dark Mage, dengan status utama Skill dan Speed; artinya dia bisa menggunakan dark magic, jarang miss dan hampir selalu dapat 2x attack. 659 more words


Fire Emblem: Cipher Dengeki TCG Information Translated [2/2]

As part of the Dengeki scans that were provided to me, I translated the character profiles here. I decided to take a look at the TCG and how it works, so translated the entire explanation. 33 more words