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Myths About Fire Sprinklers Found In Movies

The incredible is often found in the movies. Superheroes with superpowers fight villains that are plotting to destroy the world. Vehicles convert themselves into robots to save the human race from other highly-advanced machines. 867 more words

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Smoke Alarms – Do They Awaken Children?

There is no question really that fire alarms and smoke alarms are vital to saving lives in a fire. In our homes, we depend on smoke alarms to alert us in the event of a fire, especially one that breaks out at night. 522 more words

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Training Employees in Fire Safety

Fires can happen so suddenly in the workplace, that it’s essential that employees clearly understand what to do in the event of a crisis. But it can be hard to know where to start. 585 more words

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Fire Sprinklers In Your Tulsa or OKC Home Can Help It Sale

Many homes today are being built with fire sprinkler systems providing a host of benefits to the homeowner. But if you’re a realtor, it can be difficult to know how to market a sprinklered home, especially with the misconceptions buyers may have about a home fire sprinkler system. 543 more words

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Fire Safety Laws - How Well Does Your Business Know Them?

A recent article reported that nine out of 10 small businesses in the UK are ignorant of fire safety laws. While this article pertained to businesses “across the pond,” the alarming number of businesses in this report is a good reminder for Oklahoma small businesses owners to evaluate how well they know the local fire safety laws. 437 more words

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Office Environment Audit

Did you know that Active Office Interiors did building and office environment audits?

If you would like to know more, please contact Active Office Interiors on 01224 680111 or email info@active-interiors.com.

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Home Safety: Escape Ladder is Essential in Home Fire Safety Plan...

You’ve taught your children not to play with matches, placed smoke alarms outside their bedroom doors (and check the batteries regularly) and planned family fire escape drills. 411 more words

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