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Out of the Fire and Into the Flames: Glass Fire Extinguishing Grenades

By Julia Fell, ’17

Fire has always been a serious threat to human life and human structures. Fires have swept through London, San Francisco,

Chicago, and countless other cities and towns, decimating buildings and claiming lives. 608 more words

19th Century

Is Your Fire Fighting System Suitable For Your Business Premise?

A fire can cause a heavy injury at any point of time, anywhere. In fact, studies show that fires, caused due to varying reasons, affect a lot of companies every year. 488 more words

Fire Protection System

Drones To Aid Dublin Fight Fires

Dublin Fire Brigade Likely To Use Drones By End Of Year

” Dublin Fire Brigade is close to completing guidelines on its use of drones which are likely to be integrated into operational use by the end of the year.

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Drones Are Good

Let's Be Firemen

Where there is a fire, there is an opportunity to rise higher #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

Pop Quiz: If you saw a fire burst out in your house would your first reaction be to put it out or would it be to argue and investigate what caused the fire while it hungrily swallows everything in its path? 517 more words

Monday Morning Wake Up Call

Fire Dept. Fun Facts #10

1775-1777 – French Chemist Antoine Lavoisier coined the term “oxygen” and investigated the properties of the element.

1783 – Lavoisier discovered that fire results from a chemical process, oxidation, which occurs when a substance is combined with oxygen.  14 more words

Pilotless Chopper to Fight Fires?


Lockheed Martin and Kaman built the K-MAX helicopter to transport cargo in Afghanistan, but according to engadget.com, they showed off an autonomous version to the feds a few days ago in Idaho rigged to fight forest fires. 126 more words