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Will the OPC have Water Cannon?

Above we see some examples of water cannon in use by S. Korean, Indian, Taiwanese, and Japanese coast guard vessels and a Navy patrol craft supporting a Coast Guard mission, attempting to extinguish a fire.  152 more words

Offshore Patrol Cutter

Stupid Humans = FIRE

Spring is my favorite time! The wild flowers are abundant and so colorful! I don’t have to feed our horses any hay, which saves us a ton of dollars! 124 more words

JN1010 - The Green, Safe & Effective Alternative to Fluorine-based Foams

Foams remain the most effective way of fighting flammable liquid fires. Being lighter it forms a blanket above the flammable liquid which then quickly suppresses the fire. 255 more words


Water Storage for Sprinkler Systems

Everyone knows that sprinkler systems deliver lifesaving water in the event of a fire. Not many people consider where that water comes from. The most reliable source of water is, in fact, from a dedicated water storage tank. 399 more words

Blue Light Special - I

The posters had been up around town for a couple of weeks advertising “Blaulicht Tag” which even I know means Blue Light Day. This isn’t K-Mart; Sulzburg was getting a new fire truck and it was cause for celebration. 506 more words


Drones to Help Fight Fire

Aerones, a Latvian based drone company, developed a drone that could assist firefighters help fight fire. While most fire fighters are only equipped with a 100 foot ladder, these drones can lift a fire hose up to almost a 1000 feet. 107 more words

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